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Are You Smarter Than: Claire, A Clemson Writing Fellow?


Spring Break: Two states generally schedule spring break near the 3rd Monday in April to coincide with Patriots Day. Name one.


Florida: What is Florida’s nickname?


Movies: Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine broke though writing about this 1995 movie about troubled kids in New York City.


Drinks: Tequila, grenadine, and this third ingredient make up a Tequila Sunrise.


Beaches: At 150 miles long, the Praia do Cassino, found in this country, is the world’s longest beach.


Planes: This American carrier is the world’s largest by passengers carried.


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Trains: Amtrak’s Wolverine service begins in Chicago, Illinois and ends in this city.


Automobiles: Prior to fuel injection, this engine part was instrumental in keeping a proper air-to-gas ratio.


Music: This country superstar struck gold in 2011 with his hit “Red Solo Cup.”


Sand: Quicksand is made of three things: Sand, water and what?


Correct Answers:

1.) Massachusetts and Maine

2.) “The Sunshine State”

3.) Kids

4.) Orange Juice

5.) Brazil

6.) Delta Airlines

7.) Detroit, Michigan

8.) Carburetor

9.) Toby Keith

10.) Clay


Claire’s Answers:

1.) Massachusetts

2.) The Sunshine State

3.) Kids

4.) Orange Juice

5.) Australia

6.) Delta

7.) Somewhere in Michigan

8.) Is it a carburetor? It’s the only engine part I could think of.

9.) Is it Blake Shelton, or something?

10.) Elmer’s glue!



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