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Are You Smarter Than Niemeyer RA Rachel Paris?


Rachel Paris, Junior

Niemeyer RA


Sports: What MLB team’s logo, Chief Wahoo, often comes under scrutiny for its stereotypical depiction of a Native American?


History: The Treaty of Versailles ended what conflict?


Food: What is foie gras made of?


Literature: Lilliput and Houyhnhnms are locations found in what book?


Geography: Bogota is the capital of which country?


Music: What musical legend’s debut solo album is titled Got to Be There?


Space: Who was the first man in space?


Hairstyles: What type of haircut increased in popularity after the blockbuster Gladiator was released?


Religion: What religion features Loas divided into 21 nations?


Movies:  2005’s War of the Worlds is this actor’s highest-grossing movie.


Rachel’s Answers:

1.) I don’t know… can I say that? 2.) Versailles is like, French? The French Revolution? 3.) It’s French, I think it’s something disgusting. A meat thing? 4.)*scared face* 5.) Bolivia 6.) The Beatles 7.) Louis Armstrong 8.) Shaving your head. 9.) Hinduism 10.) Tom Cruise


Correct Answers:


1.) Cleveland Indians 2.) WWI 3.) Duck or goose liver 4.) Gulliver’s Travels 5.) Columbia 6.) Michael Jackson 7.) Yuri Gagarin 8.) Caesar cut 9.) Voodoo 10.) Tom Cruise




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