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Are You Smarter Than: Wingin’ it’s Ryan Merritt

Are you smarter than Ryan Merritt from Wingin’ It? If you think so, take our quiz below to find out!


Presents: This motion-sensing video game console was a must-have present in 2006.

Movies: 1996’s Jingle All the Way features Sinbad and this action hero as they try to get their kids the hottest toy of the season.

Hanukkah: A traditional Hanukkah food, a latke, is a pancake made of this.

The North Pole: Though no longer there, the Magnetic North Pole most recently was positioned over this country.

Traditions: Viscum album, more commonly known as this, is often hung, with dire circumstances.

Songs: On the seventh day of Christmas what does one’s true love give them?

Scary Stuff: This holiday monster is a staple of Germanic-speaking Alpine folklore.

Kwanzaa: What is the last date Kwanzaa is observed?

Literature: “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” is a Christmas time story featuring this serial Englishman.

Food: This holiday food is meant to remind young children of the shepherds who visited Jesus. 


Ryan’s Answers:

1.) Wii

2.) Sylvester Stallone

3.) Potato

4.) Greenland

5.) Mistletoe

6.) Geese a laying

7.) Krampus

8.) January 8th

9.) Sherlock Holmes

10.) Shepherd’s Pie


Correct Answers:

1.) Nintendo Wii

2.) Arnold Schwarzenegger

3.) Potato

4.) Canada

5.) Mistletoe

6.) Swans-a-Swimming

7.) Krampus

8.) January 1

9.) Sherlock Holmes

10.) Candy cane



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