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Basketball Hotties for the Win, Literally

Another November comes along and every Hoo in Hooville knows what that means. It’s the beginning of basketball season. This is a highly anticipated time for a UVa student, it’s not every day we have hope of actually winning. But, now that Joe Harris has moved on up in the world to be a Cleveland Cavalier, you may be asking yourself, why bother with basketball anymore?


Don’t get us wrong, we loved Joe as much as any young sorority girl with a vague interest in sports. (Click here if you don’t believe us). But just because he’s gone doesn’t mean we can abandon all interest in Virginia Basketball. This is a time for us to come together in support of the Hoos. Therefore, it is our pleasure to provide you with some helpful tips for getting over Joe Harris. 


Step one: Stop wallowing. Sure, there was that one time Joe held the door open for you at the AFC. Or that other time he walked by you in Clem. Those were wonderful memories of the times you’ve shared. But at some point, everyone has to remember that those times were in the past and it’s time to consider a bright future with our favorite ballers in town. They’re off to a pretty good start of the season with three wins in the last five days, maybe it’s time to start paying attention to them instead. 


Step two: Buy a breakup outfit. Everyone does it. It’s cathartic, though in this case, instead of spending your time in Banana Republic or Anthropologie looking for that pair of extra well-fitting jeans, we recommend the UVa Bookstore. Nothing will help Joe realize what he’s lost more than seeing all of his fav fans supporting his friends on the team. Plus it’s like trending these days to love your hometown, just ask Eric Church. 


Step three: Move on. Cher said it best when she asked the age old question, “do you believe in life after love?” There are 17 guys on the team. Any one of them could potentially be as much the love of your life as Joe once was. The key is to get back out there. Personally, we recommend Mike Tobey, but there are plenty of options. Go to a game and cheer on your future boyfriend.


Follow our advice and you’ll be over Joe and on to the next one in no time. The Hoos play again tomorrow at JPJ against George Washington. Game starts at 7 so you better grab your orange and blue pom-pom and get there early; gotta make sure you have the best seat in the house. 


**This message is in no way affiliated with UVa Basketball or the UVa Bookstore. 

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