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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Badger Fans


As if Wisconsin wasn’t already cool enough, here’s a list of A-list celebrities that cannot get enough of the Badgers.


10.) Niall Horan:




If you were here two years ago, you probably remember seeing this ‘hot pic’ plastered all over campus, because who wouldn’t want the same shirt as the worst member of a 10-years-too-late *NSYNC wanna be? (YOU’LL NEVER BE BETTER THAN JOEY FATONE, NEVER!) However, the answer is you do! You want this shirt because your closet can never have enough badger gear.


9.) Steve Buscemi:





We know you’re all excited about this one, but you need to calm down. Buscemi’s just a cool kid like the rest of us. He’s often been known to don badger gear in local shopping malls, 19th century boardwalks, and high schools.


8.) U of M President, Eric W. Kaler:





Apparently, this guy is super jealous of Becky Blank because she gets to hangout with us all day. He’s been spotted incognito in the stands at Camp Randall.


7.) Denzel Washington:




“Oh, Denzel! We’re all so flattered that you and your nice arms like our school.” We’re not his alma mater so most people forget, but if you watch very closely in Remember the Titans, he actually bases all his strategy on Wisconsin football. Plus, he sports the W stud earrings the whole time.


6.) Kerry Washington:




Remember that huge scandal all over the news like 3 years ago when everyone found out that Washington secretly wore badger underwear everyday even though she went to school in D.C. and is now some government official there? We do. And we love you Kerry!


5.) George Washington:




What you don’t know is good ol’ Georgie was actually psychic. He knew how awesome the Badgers would be 100 years before we were even around. He always loved Wisconsin on account of all the cows here. He would use their teeth to make dentures after getting too many splinters from the wooden ones.


4.) George Washington Carver:




He kind of just jumped on the Washington bandwagon—not like that asshole James Madison, not even a fan of the university with the same name as his. We have also heard that honey badgers love peanut butter, so no surprise Washington Carver invented it to save badgers during the great famine of 1920. You are a gentleman and a scholar, and we thank you.


3.) Squidward Tentacles:




It may seem like he hates everything… but someone say that to his secret ass tat. (We heard Krab’s is a closeted Buckeye fan, so you’d probably hate working for him, too.)


2.) Jahlil Okafor:





Before you think, ‘that asshole,’ look a little closer at this picture of him from the championship game last year… that’s right, he was always just jealous that he wasn’t on our team.


1.) The Entire City of Nome, Alaska:




We’re not sure what it is about us: the slightly less freezing weather, the all-star sports teams, the smartest kids on earth, the mischievous Bucky, the garlic bread, or the Nancy Nicholas bathrooms, but Nomeions just love us.


Famous people are always talking about how they went to Harvard or NYU, and while they may have attended those schools, deep down they all wish they could call UW-Madison their alma mater.


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