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Clemson Student Dreads Return of Best Friend and Roommate

Aden Belamy and Gabe Carter, now Clemson sophomores, met by chance at freshman orientation. From that moment on, they were practically inseparable. So, when it came time to secure roommates for the following year, there was hardly anything to think about.  


After finding a two-person apartment in Daniel Square, the excitement only continued to build until freshman year ended. By the time they went  their separate ways for the summer, all eyes were fixated on a glorious reunion in only three short months. Belamy decided to stay in Clemson for the summer under the ruse of becoming  accustomed to living on his own for the first time. In reality, he simply wanted to avoid seeing his high school sweetheart, whom he had drunkenly broken up with via text his very first night of college. Carter, however, opted to return home. 


Belamy, despite initial days of loneliness and boredom, eventually adjusted to solitary life and even began to enjoy the time alone with his thoughts. It was during one of these meditations that Dean Maybel, also a rising sophomore, entered Belamy’s life.  


Within mere moments it was clear that Belamy and Maybel would be great friends. They had all the same interests, including a somewhat disturbing obsession with Chad Morris. In fact, by the end of the summer, they had started, in essence, living together. They became so close that people even referred to them as if they were a single entity.  


Over time, Belamy began to look upon his commitment to living with Carter as more of an obligation than an opportunity. “It just sucks that I didn’t meet Dean until summer,” said Belamy. “Whenever I hang out with Gabe, we always spend forever arguing over what we should do. He always wanted to do anything where there would be girls around, but I was content to just snuggle up and watch a movie or hang out with the boys. With Dean, it’s the exact opposite. We’re always on the same page and always agree on everything. Plus, Dean is such a good listener. It’s like our two brains are intertwined, like we were meant to be together… but not in a gay way.”  


After the long summer, it finally came time for Carter to move into his new home. He entered, interrupting a discussion between Belamy and Maybel about how best to get rid of him. Unaware, Carter entered with frantic excitement to see his friend. “He came in all excited, as if everything was fine,” said Belamy. “Then, he of course asked me who I was talking to, to which I replied it was none of his business.” 


At this point, Belamy proceeded to tell Carter that, despite the lease they had agreed upon, he had decided he didn’t want to live with Carter anymore. “Then he just gave me this confused look like he had no idea what was going on,” said Belamy. “So I said, ‘look, we both knew this was coming. We’ve been growing apart for a long time now, and Maybel and I both think it just makes more sense to end this relationship now.’ “


Carter, dumbfounded, claimed, “I absolutely did not see this coming. I haven’t seen you in three months, and I was really looking forward to rooming with you this year.”  


“Classic Gabe,” said Belamy. “I told you we were never on the same page.” 


When asked about his feelings on being kicked out of the apartment, Carter responded, “Well, it kind of sucks that I don’t have anywhere to live now, but I didn’t want to live with him if he didn’t want me there. Plus, I’m pretty sure he was talking to himself when I walked in.” 

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