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College Football’s 8 “Definitely Invited to the Party” List 2k16

Johnny Football is gone.  The question now is: who will replace him as the “baddest dude” in college football? These rare individuals are those who combine amazing football skills with their off-the-field swagger and personality. We’re talking athleticism, star-power, chill-to-pull ratio, and all-around “I’d love to hang out with this guy” mojo. Let’s begin:

UCLA QB Josh Rosen:

Rosen pic 3

This gunslinger burst onto the scene last year as a true freshman, throwing for over 3,500 yards and 23 TDs, earning much praise from professional scouts as one of the best quarterbacks in his class. But this young Bruins’ game is strong off the field as well. Late last October a story broke of him having a hot tub in his dorm room. Safe bet that his chill-to-pull ratio is strong, no doubt clocking in a 5-5.

Michigan LB Jabrill Peppers:


Pep Pic 4


No need to hype this guy up, he’s on almost every Heisman Watch list you’ll see. What sets Peppers apart from the competition is his impeccable swagger, which was on full display when he rapped his commitment decision on live TV. Dude has music on Soundcloud and reps the Air Jordan logo on his jersey. Jabrill has all the star power necessary to make this list.

USC WR Juju Smith-Schuster:

Juju Pic 5

Forget the awesome nickname; Juju expresses himself on the field with nasty stiff-arms like the one that was heard across the country last season. The famous play took place in his game against Utah, where he was seen catching a pass over the middle, pointing at a defender, basically calling him out, then waiting for him. Juju finally tosses him out of bounds like a rag doll, proceeds to pick up additional yardage and then go pump up his teammates on the sideline. That’s called being a baller and a good teammate right there. Don’t sleep on his star-power, though. Look at that hairstyle.

Wisconsin RB Cory Clement:



Cory Clement had to sit for most of the 2015 season, but he stayed busy by getting into trouble like the fight showed above on November 8. Police reports say he actually threw the first punch, so it’s good to know he would have our back if it came down to it. He also backed up his talk on the field by scoring 11 touchdowns his sophomore season. And since Wisconsin was recently ranked the #1 party school in America, you know he turns up.

Northwestern LB Anthony Walker:

Walker pic 7

122 Tackles, 20.5 tackles for a loss last season, Anthony “The Franchise” Walker is already being promoted as Northwestern’s Heisman hopeful. Gotta love the shirtless backpack swag. He might not have the monster hits that Reuben Foster does, but the guy just makes plays. Plus, who wouldn’t want to hang out with a guy who has his own comic book about him?

Alabama LB Reuben Foster:

Foster pic 8

Would this be a college football list without mentioning Alabama? He stands out not only with his monster hits, but his trademark bad-ass neck pad. In his personal life, Foster was present during a triple-homicide earlier this year, and also has fathered a child with the sister of a linebacker who played for his Iron Bowl rivals, Auburn. That’s a bad dude taking the rivalry to a whole new level.

Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly:

Kelly pic 9

Nephew of Hall of Fame quarterback, Jim Kelly, the Chad-ster was dismissed from Clemson for “conduct detrimental to the team,” after he got into a verbal altercation with coaches. Well, after a year at community college where he threw for 47 touchdowns, he’s back to tearing it up in Division I. Last year he threw for 4,000 yards and 31 TDs. This guy just has that “bad dude” look about him, but in the best kind of way. Anyone who threatens bouncers with an AK-47 seems like he deserves to be on this list. Kid’s just trying to party.

Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield:

Mayfield pic 11

Baker may be the closest thing to a replacement we have for Johnny Manziel. He plays like Johnny, looks like him, and just finished fourth in the Heisman voting this past year. Fun fact: one of the first suggestions that comes up when you type “Baker Mayfield” into google, is “Baker Mayfield girlfriend.” That’s when you know you’re good. Last year a video circulated of him dancing in a circle surrounded by his teammates. From his off-the-field rhythm and on-the-field moves, you just have to love this guy.


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