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DePaul Sorority Sister Takes Uber to Marriott After Failing to Find Nonexistent Sorority House

Erin McGovern, a DePaul University freshman in the Chi Omega sorority, was found stumbling down Kenmore Ave early Wednesday evening. Reports say she was shouting obscenities toward a group of girls while leaving Kincade’s and that she continually asked passerby where Chi Omega’s sorority house was located. Family have since spoken with McGovern and it has been confirmed that she spent the evening in the Presidential Suite at the Marriot on Michigan Avenue. “She woke up in a daze, she said,” says Pamela McGovern, Erin’s mother, who is merely relieved that her only daughter is safe.


“This wouldn’t be an issue if it weren’t for the (Bleep) Chicago brothel law,” said Kim Farsby, a Chi Omega junior studying Communications at DePaul. The law she refers to here is one that does indeed prohibit more than five women to be housed together in the city of Chicago. “This is becoming a major issue for us,” says Farsby. “When our sisters can’t remember where they live because the city won’t allow us to all live together, it makes you wonder who’s calling the shots around here.”


We caught up with McGovern’s roommate Katy Tavrula, an old love interest of mine, about the incident. “I thought you said you were moving to Texas?” Tavrula said. She gave no further comment but was quite insistent on closing her front door. It makes the public wonder what else she and McGovern may be hiding in their three-bedroom apartment, located a mere half block from where McGovern hailed her Uber Wednesday evening.


“We don’t want our daughter living with less than twenty people, it is just that simple,” says John McGovern, Erin’s father. The members of Chi Omega as well as several other DePaul sororities are teaming together to challenge the anti-Greek houses on campus by piling what they refer to as “thirty racks” several stories high in the Quad, in attempt to construct their own houses. “When you literally make alcohol the foundation of Greek houses you, uh, well…it’s great!” notes Jacob Thompson, a fraternity brother at DePaul University.


These “rack houses” have been extraordinarily problematic to passerby, as students living inside are knocking cases off of the higher levels of the structure, some of which are landing on students walking to class. I ventured to Father Holtscheider’s office to ask him what his thoughts were on this anti-Vincentian activity, but his secretary’s desk was overflowing with wine box gifts from various Greek chapters on campus. Although, thinking back, I did hear a frat chanting, “HOLT! HOLT! HOOOOLT!” from a rack house on the way to his office…


As for what will come of these rack houses in the Quad, there are several suggestions flying into the Student Government Association Twitter at DePaul. With meetings being held in the Quad and other junctures around the city, it has become evident that this weekend SGA has issued an “under the radar” invitation that is campus-wide; with the intention of the student body consuming all of the contents (open bar?) of the rack houses.


Now a few days later, I caught up with McGovern to see her contention with the upcoming disposal of said rack houses. “My dad pays my American Express bill every month and Katy put the Marriott and Palmer House under “Home” on my Uber app, so it’s whatever. Oh, and she told me to ask you if you had changed your number or been on Facebook chat lately.”


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