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Drinking Game: Duel

A one-on-one battle is the fairest possible test of might. In this Duel drinking game, two enter the arena, but only one will leave with their dignity intact. Welcome to the Duel, cowboy.

What You’ll Need:
A deck of cards. A flat playing surface. A suitable soundtrack for the intense wild west showdown that‘s about to happen. Beer, wine, and Everclear.

Number of Players:
As many as you can fit in your apartment-turned-arena. The game is played by two people at a time, but spectators are sure to make things more interesting.

Level of Intoxication:
A fight or two will probably break out, but don’t worry. It’s all in good fun if you win the fight.

How to Play:
– Two players approach the table. In the spirit of jolly competition, they shake hands. They’re each presented with a beer, a cup of wine and a shot of Everclear. These drinks represent the players’ lives.

-The dealer/referee/hype man shuffles the deck of cards, and cuts it in half. Each competitor is presented with half of the deck, which is held face down. The players cannot see their cards until they select one.

– On the ref’s signal, each player slams a card of their choosing dramatically on the table. Higher card wins.

– The losing player drinks the first drink, beer. The order is beer, wine, Everclear. He has lost one life.

– Each player selects another card, and the process repeats.

– When the Everclear has been consumed, the player that had to drink it has been defeated.

– The winner retains his honor, and awaits the next challenger.

The Game Ends When:
The alcohol runs out, or the champion gets way too drunk. This game can get intense, so try to end it before any fights break out. The number-one thing stake here is honor, and a man without honor has nothing to lose.

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