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ECU’s Most Eligible Bachelors


The mid  2000’s were the glory days of reality TV dating shows. Everyone just so happened to be looking for a little bit of love and it seemed that the most viable solution was a dating show. America has gotten the pleasure of seeing it all, including favorites like Flavor of Love, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, and an all time favorite I Love New York. Since most of you reading are mere college students and don’t have the time to start up your own reality dating show with the theater kids in Messick, The Black Sheep gang is gonna help you out by showcasing ECU’s most eligible bachelors.


1.) Moses Hollis, Coordinator in Building 71 (formally Aycock…Voldemort):




Our first bachelor is the lovable Moses Hollis. As a Phoenix, AZ native being hot is nothing new to him. Tall, dark, and handsome is the best way to describe him.  If you’re looking to impress Moses, you’re best bet is to show up to his doorstep with tickets to a basketball game or a theater production. If going out isn’t your kind of thing, having a romantic night in and writing short stories together by a toasty fire or playing a couple games of 2k are bound to sweep this teddy bear of a man right off his feet.


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2.) The Creepy Guy Who Works in West End’s Dining Hall, You Know The One:




The second bachelor we have lined up is sure to surprise you! Whether he’s sneaking around to go clean a table, or chatting you up while he cooks your pasta, you’ll be sure to warm up to him. Don’t worry about asking for too much on your quesadilla, he doesn’t mind granting your every wish. Wondering what he’s looking for in a girl? It’s simple! You have to be sporty, alone, and have the courtesy to chit chat with someone you literally don’t know. Even if his stare does look a little like this:




3.) PeeDee the Pirate




If you’re looking for a real gentleman PeeDee is where it’s at. He’s a man all about swashbuckling fun, if you like to travel, then you should choose this guy. Make every basketball game outside of Minges. He’s a real adventurer, literally, he’s a pirate. It’s kind of in his job description. He’s looking for the type of girl that doesn’t mind handing over her booty. We wish you the best of luck if you think you have a chance of sailing into PeeDee’s heart.


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