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Fashion Trends to Bring Back to ECU: Boys’ Crop Tops

As we all get settled into our residence halls, apartments and other such quarters for the new school year, we are met with the difficult task of parting ways with some of the things we must leave at home. For some, it’s family; for others, it’s things like their favorite local restaurant to dine in. While this may be the case, one thing that no one leaves behind is their wardrobe. Although summer is slowly coming to a close and soon enough the weather will start to get colder, that doesn’t mean there’s no time to get one last fun run out of your favorite summer fashion trends (so yes, bring those shorts and that mesh tank top with you; you’ve definitely got time).


One trend that’s surely worthy of bringing back to campus is boys’ crop tops.


Now the boy crop top is most certainly a trend that predates 2015; however, with its edgy yet simplistic look, it’s resurfaced and made quite the splash this summer. Boys’ crop tops, or “half shirts,” date back to at least the 70s, but became highly popular among male athletes in the 80s — during any kind of sport practice (more notably football) crop tops rose to the occasion. For example, check out actor Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sporting his very own cropped tee accompanied by some athletic pants:


Fresh Prince


Looks like something comfortable to work out in, right? Not only that, but check out that midriff!


Boys’ crop tops in this day and age have a completely different agenda than before. Rather than act as a functional piece of active wear, it’s now a fashion statement. The resurgence was started up via the widespread social media tag #boysincroptops2k15. As you can see, these new school summery crop tops are doubtlessly game changers:



Left to right: Tumblr user w6ter is wearing a crop top that showcases his very own face while tumblr user babymorocco is wearing an earthy long sleeved crop top.

While often times these crop tops are showcased by fit or slim male bodied individuals, that is not in any way to say that they’re not for everyone; in fact, anyone is capable of wearing one! There’s only three steps to wearing getting the perfect look with this top:


1. Take one of the 1,000 free shirts you’ll get in your first week back at ECU.


2. Crop that shiz.


3. Put it on.

east-carolina-pirates-tshirts-east-carolina-p5685 copy

Follow these steps and there you have it; you’ll be fly in your new summer fit in no time. Just check out this guy, he seemed to get it right no problem:




Not only did he deck out his crop top with a stylish black bow, but he topped off his outfit with a classic summer sun hat; making a statement whilst keeping cool is as easy as that. Boys’ crop tops may have been a thing of the past, but they’re definitely on the come up.

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