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Five Accessories That the UK Wildcat Should Totally Have

 In 1976 “The Wildcat” made its debut at the University of Kentucky. Every couple of years, the mascot gets a new costume or variation of it. In case UK is looking for some inspiration, here are The Black Sheep‘s five suggestions for the next costume:


 5.) Jetpack:




So this may not be an original idea, but we’ve been playing way too much Destiny lately and want to see this. Forget about t-shirt cannons. Imagine a Wildcat soaring through the air handing t-shirts to people! If this happens, there would be less bloody noses and anxiety of having good motor skills. So get on it, science, for the children’s sake.


4.) Stove-Pipe Hat:




Made famous by one of the most well-known Kentuckians of all time, Abraham Lincoln. Maybe even add a fake beard onto that Wildcat. It gives the Wildcat a more regal and sophisticated look. A re-branding the state of Kentucky has been needed ever since the Kim Davis controversy. Also, nothing says Kentucky more than a wildcat looking like good ol’ Honest Abe.


3.) Chainsaws for Hands:




With Ash vs Evil Dead coming out pretty soon, UK should capitalize on this pop culture reference. No other image is more iconic in the campy independent movie scene than Ash Williams replacing his hand with a chainsaw in Army of Darkness. It will give new meaning to slashing the opponents down. If that happens, then maybe we can get Bruce Campbell as a celebrity fan other than Drake.  


2.) Decapitated Cardinal Head:




No rivalry has had more limelight than UK and UofL. Seeing a Wildcat holding the head of a brutally annihilated Cardinal will inspire fans and players alike. Opponents will shiver at the thought of this new mascot. It even caters to hobbyists – bringing a whole new level to bird-watching.


1.) The Wildcat:




Not exactly an accessory, but a complete overhaul of the costume. Superheroes are everywhere right now, so why not adopt the costume of an actual super hero. The University of Kentucky should buy the copyrights to the comic book hero, The Wildcat. Yes, that’s right! There is an actual comic book called The Wildcat. This mascot will have the ability to be more than just a mascot, but a symbol. Youths and adults alike will inspire to become the idea of The Wildcat. Plus, we could get a good movie deal out of this.


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