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Frank Underwood is Comin’ to Town

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Kevin Spacey is to be this year’s UVa Second-Annual Speaker for the Arts. If this statement is news to you, we suggest going out to the UVa Arts Box Office and scoring yourself a ticket to this highly anticipated event, and perhaps, not being such a hermit.


Upon hearing this news, you may find yourself wondering, why exactly did a program completely dedicated to preserving the liberal arts education choose Kevin Spacey as its Keynote Speaker, and let’s be real, he’s no Tina Fey. Well, you’re in luck. We’re here to provide a list of just the few reasons that Kevin Spacey is the perfect advocate for promoting the arts.


5.) Spacey made his acting debut as a theatre performer:
He made his first appearance in 1981 as a spear carrier in the New York Shakespeare Festival performance of Henry IV, part 1. If it’s one thing we know about Shakespeare, it’s that the Bard was a fan of the arts. This tidbit of information also goes to show that even a small unnamed weapons carrier can grow up to be a big bad Majority Whip someday.


4.) He is a man of many talents:
Not only was he a talented transporter of spears in Shakespeare plays, he also voiced Hopper from the classic Pixar flick, A Bug’s Life, in which he practiced his threatening voice presence on a couple ants, a caterpillar, and a harmless lady bug. Not to mention American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, and Recount



3.) He’s a comedian:
Kev-o tried first tried to make it big in the real world as a stand-up comedian. He gave up that dream in pursuit of attending the Juilliard School in New York to study (what else), drama, but he remained active in the comedy scene often performing at bowling alley talent contests.


2.) He was an Artistic Director:
In 2003, Spacey became the Artistic Director for the Old Vic, one of the oldest theatres in London. Upon taking the position, Spacey had promised to promote the theatrical productions by bringing in big name talent and, unlike a politician, he delivered. He made his UK debut to the theatre as the lead role in Shakespeare’s Richard II, which UVa’s own Shakespeare on the Lawn happens to be staging this fall, funny how that works.


1.) He’s a Congressional badass:
Last but not least, Kevin Spacey is currently the most powerful politician in the world, and we really should let him speak if he wants to speak because otherwise he could very well manipulate us into electing him President of the university without even a single vote.


We are incredibly excited about being able to share the Grounds we walk on with the infamous Kevin Spacey, mainly because if we expressed anything else but excitement, he might push us in front of a train. 

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