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5 Things to Do Around ISU With Your Extra (Leap) Day


Leap days are like life’s bonus days: for every 1460 days you complete, you get a new day added to your calendar for free. So how should you spend this extra time? As always, The Black Sheep is here to help give you ideas.


5.) Play a Game of Hide and Seek:

Bloomington-Normal is a perfect place to play hide-and-seek with some friends. There are so many great hiding spots in the 45 square miles that encompass BloNo. Now, having said that, if you’re going to play in an area that big, you’ll probably spend the entire day looking for one person, and depending on how events unfold, you may eventually need the help of local police. Large-scale hind-and-go-seek is a very dangerous game.


4.) Have Sex:

Sex is one thing you could do with your extra day. Whether it’s with an ex, a prostitute, or just by yourself, you (usually) can’t go wrong with sex. Just be sure to use a condom. Sex is one of the handful of activities which, if you’re not careful, can result in creating a new person.


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3.) Become a God to a Group of Squirrels on the Quad:

You may not realize it, but every time you feed sesame seeds to squirrels, you start a new squirrel religion. It sounds crazy but think about it: If somebody 10 times your height came over and handed you free food, you’d probably revere them as a god as well.


2.) Find True Love:

Anything can happen in the span of 24 hours. Who knows? Maybe if you take a walk around Uptown Normal, you’ll find that one special person you’ve been looking for, and after looking into their eyes for the first time, it’ll be like you’ve known each other your whole lives. But you’ll never know unless you take that chance. Now go get ‘em, tiger.


1.) Stay at Home and Watch Netflix All Day:

That’s always an option too. It’s not as cool as the other options, but we hear Fuller House isn’t that bad. If that’s what you want to do with an extra day of being alive on this earth, go ahead – it’s your life.


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