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Funeral and Candle Light Vigil Held for Death of Food Pavilion


The new Student Union is a murderer. The victim being a small white tent that housed so many beloved food options. Anytime last semester (except after 6:30 p.m.) you could have wandered up to the tent and ordered some terribly made food, that was good for the soul. However, this semester that possibility does not exist. Although there have been no formal charges pressed, there are many students on campus who believe that the new Union should be charged with pavilion slaughter in the first degree.


“We are not happy,” said Judy Dench, leader of the Justice for the Food Pavilion Posse. “The food pavilion deserves justice for what was done to it. We will not rest until it receives the justice it deserves.”


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This past Monday a very small group of students gathered together for a funeral service in front of the now barren land that sits where the food pavilion once did. They sung several songs; such as “Swing low, Sweet Chariot” and “If I Die Young” in an attempt to remember the now destroyed food spot. Several candles were lit, many of them being Yankee Candles.


“Oh we love Yankee Candles. They really are the top of the candle food chain. We thought they were the best option to remember our fallen friend.” The smell of Clean Cotton and Sage and Cranberry Chutney filled the air that surrounded the pavilion. It was unmistakable.


The JFPP will be holding several other services throughout the coming weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 2 a.m. there will be more services offered to remember our fallen friend. “The services will end after this week, but the struggle for justice will continue forever,” said Dench. “We will fight tooth and nail until the food pavilion gets the justice it deserves. Everyone is so focused on Steven Avery right now but the UNT community needs to stand up for an unjust murder. The Student Union must be held accountable.”


The services have been filled with tears, love, and not that many people. But the JFPP is hoping that the numbers will grow. “We need everybody we can get. Because right now it’s like five of us.” The JFPP also wanted to make it known that squirrels are also able to join. “We are not speciesist. We just need bodies, even if they are tiny.”


This article was written in loving memory of the Food Pavilion. Rest in peace, sweet prince.


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