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Ghost Stories of ECU


Ah, East Carolina University, an institution of elegance, grace, and…ghosts. That’s right, kiddos, we’re talking about real spook-tastic ghosts! Be careful as you walk around the poorly lit walkways or creepy rooms on campus at night, for some wicked tricks may be done upon you. How does The Black Sheep know this?  The same way everyone else does; a friend of a friend told us in Health 1000. Here are some popular ghost stories you may or may not have heard during your stay at ECU. Beware, for there is no turning back after this sentence…




The most popular story yet is the ghost of Cotten Hall. In the 1960s, before it became the post-modern co-ed dorm, it was an all girls hall. Legend has it that there was a female student who hung herself on one of the showerheads in the bathroom. Since then, all of the showerheads have been lowered to prevent future danglers. Careful during duty, many RAs have seen her stroll along the stairwells while other students are sleeping or unsuccessfully sneaking alcohol in their bedrooms.




In the Messick building, there is a particular play that must no longer be named nor put on McGinnis Auditorium’s stage unless you want the actress ghost to haunt the School of Theater and Dance in their sleep. According to urban myth, the female lead in the cast was killed on the night of the show. When they tried to have another student fill in for her, the vengeful spirit allegedly made her presence known! Stage lights flickered, actors were rumored to have been injured, and it just goes to show that you should never take away a leading lady’s time to shine.




The Brewster Building is the creepiest, and the bleakest building not just out of all of ECU, but also out of everything within Greenville’s vicinity. It was built to prevent student riots in the 1960s, so you can kind of see why it looks prison-like. Sure, it can feel like a prison too with the monotonous classes in there, but that’s beside the point. If you suddenly feel a brisk chill, or hear soft moaning while coming back from an evening class, run don’t walk. We repeat: RUN, DON’T WALK.




Have you ever stopped to notice how a specific pool has been closed off from use in the Christenbury Gym? Well, a former chancellor’s daughter once drowned in that pool. They closed it off to student athletes ever since. If anyone dared to go swim in there, do you believe anyone would come out alive? Or would her ghost want them to drown with her, seeking revenge for poorly executed swimming lessons.


Are you scared yet? If you want more creepy time, check out this video for more of ECU’s ghost stories filmed by Professor Randall Martoccia. Hopefully these stories have made you more cautious and not want to do drunken dares with your friends to visit these places (although, if you do… PLEASE do not hesitate to Snapchat us @BlackSheep_ECU). Because, bear in mind, curiosity didn’t kill the cat…it killed the dumb college students movie viewers yell at as they watch them fumble and die on the screen. Stay safe out there.


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