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Guide to Finding the Best Summer Housing in South O


The end is near, dear panthers… Ah yes, we have only a few short weeks left in this spring semester, and for many, that comes as a sigh of relief. For others, it comes with a huge wave of panic because they don’t have their summer living situation figured out yet.


Whether you’re staying on campus to escape your small town blues and high school exes, or to salvage your GPA with a few summer classes, the summer comes with the first chance to move off campus and tiptoe into adulthood. So, what is a panther to do if they don’t have their shit together like the super cool and successful person at their internship? No one cares that you learned to make chicken parmesan, Stacey. Gosh.


The first step is to accept your situation, with as little or as much alcohol as that takes. Remember, you might need to start curbing your spending to save for a security deposit. After you wake up more hungover and less dignified, it’s time to turn to the internet. Pitt has a lot of really great resources for finding potential living situations, but no one actually uses them. Many students elect to post on Facebook instead, and there are two groups you need to know about.


“Housing at Pitt” and “University of Pittsburgh (PITT) Housing, Sublets & Roommates” are your one-stop shop for finding a home for the summer. Have fun sorting through all the sublets wanted posts! The most efficient thing is to find the search bar in the upper right hand corner and type in “Becca Tasker.” There, you will find a gorgeous five-bedroom home that is in desperate need of two more subletters. I mean, sure, you could try searching by keywords like “parking” or “laundry included,” but no fear, you’ll find both of those things if you just search “Becca Tasker.” It’s like a housing goldmine.


The next step is to identify a few (or, just one) potential summer homes for you. Think about your needs, and then a potential price point. That part is a little tricky, as the slum lords of South O tend to be hike up the prices for rooms up to $800 a month. If you want to find something cheaper, I’d suggest summoning a demon to sell your soul to make your first month’s rent… Or, again, just search “Becca Tasker” in that Facebook page and find your dream summer home for a low monthly rent and gorgeous view.


You should really focus on finding a roommate that you’re compatible with, too. Funny house mates are the best house mates, that’s just a fact. Who better than someone who writes for such an esteemed comedy newspaper… Like The Black Sheep. After meeting with me, uh, or your new potential roommate, you need to sign the sublet agreement. Luckily for you, I have a pen.


No matter where you end up living in Oakland this summer, just know that you’re in for a relaxing few months filled with porch drinking and lazy afternoons. Well, unless you’re taking summer biology. Then you’re screwed.


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