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Guide to UW Snapchat Filters


UW has a plethora of Snapchat filters; it is part of the honor of going to such a superior school. We could not capture all of them, but here are a few we captured around campus and a few ideas on how to use them


Campus Story


madison campus story


Use this when you’re on campus. Show your Snapchat friends that your campus is full of stories and make them feel like theirs isn’t. 


Madison, WI

madison wI


Use this filter when you want that one random Snapchat friend that you do not know, who you added when you were drunk, to know your exact location. They might come looking for you, but it’s chill.  


Lake Mendota


lake mendota

Are you at one of the two lakes that form the isthmus where Madison falls? Well, make sure you use this filter to distinguish which lake you’re at. We all care A LOT.


University of Wisconsin-Madison


university of wi


In case your friends don’t remember what school you go to, post this in your Snap story to make them all jealous because their school sucks. Suck it Harvard!


Langdon St.


 langdon st


Anyone who doesn’t go to the UW will not know what this filter means, nor will they probably care. But fellow Badgers know! It’s frat row, the place where they have baller tailgates on game days and other cool stuff. Use this filter to make people want to GO GREEK! (If you want to that is. This is America after all, you have a choice).


State St. Madison


state st


Any of your Snapchat friends who have been to downtown Madison probably know what this means. State Street is a Madison staple! There’s food, shops and more food. Use this filter when you’re living it up on State Street.


Camp Randall (Arch)


camp randall arch


Use this so everyone knows that you got into Camp Randall. It was a close call after all, you were pretty drunk. On Wisconsin.


Welcome to Camp Randall Stadium


welcome to camp randall


Send this to everyone in your Snapchat contacts that aren’t at Camp Randall. It’s a total slap in the face to everyone that can’t go because they don’t go to Madison. Sucks to suck. Also, send it to your friends who go to Minnesota because that axe is staying here.


Jump Around


 jump around


Send this to everyone you know. It is the greatest tradition in college history, it is a must.


College Library


college library 


Send this to your mom if you are Snapchat friends with her. It makes her think you are #Studious.


There are many more filters floating around UW’s campus, so remember Badgers, be thankful for the diversity of Snapchat filters offered to you. You could go to Minnesota and only have two to choose from.  Relevant colleges like ours are #blessed with many. 


Hey! You, yes you reading this, you should follow us on Snapchat: blacksheep_uw. Watch how we use the Wisconsin filters to get inspiration, and send us your own!


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