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GVSU Homecoming Game Tickets Spur Black Market


Students at GV once had to get creative to make some money, such as selling notes or playing the mediator in relationships battles. There was also the cliché selling of drugs or cutting hair or offering “services,” but now new GV students are so uneducated in the ways of Grand Valley culture and etiquette that older students (along with those who do their basic research) are selling tickets that once were (and still are) free.


Facebook, Twitter, your barely used G-Mail account, and even Tinder were blowing up the weekend before GVSU Homecoming due to the seeming lack of homecoming tickets. Students all over GV were frantically bartering money, beer, and Allendale farm chickens, as well and paying top dollar for the little slip of paper that would get them into their Homecoming football game.


Well, unfortunately for all of the people who spent a ton of time and money on Facebook looking for those tickets, one need not look farther than the 20/20 desk where game tickets are given to students for free. But, with this year’s student ignorance towards the perks of being a student here, a new way to make money has come about: a GVSU wide black market for football tickets.



This undercover market was started by a freshmen student named George Lopez after seeing his fellow students panicking through Twitter over getting tickets for the big game. “I saw a need, and I fulfilled it,” Lopez stated. “Whether or not they know they’re getting screwed over isn’t my problem. I’m simply here to make some money off their ignorance.”


Lopez has been hoarding these free tickets since school began, asking fellow students and friends for their free tickets, knowing that an issue like this would arise. Although this simple idea was talked about extensively on all campus tours, it’s more fun to check out the hot college kids than actually listen.


However, more competing students have arose from this black market hosted on Facebook’s Free & For Sale, copying Lopez’s idea. Some are selling their tickets for over $10 a piece –more than a 100% increase since, you know, the tickets are originally free. Or instead of cash, if you may be lacking the means to buy your way into a game, you can get one of these tickets through meal plans and food. Buy that person some Taco Bell or Burger King in exchange for their spot in the student section.


Other forms of payment that have been found have been gift cards to Starbucks, the Marketplace, Joost Vapor, and the tattoo parlors around campus. Any way you go about it, there is a surefire way to get a spot at your next game if you don’t feel like walking to the 20/20 desk for your ticket.


So, the next time you’re freaking out about how you’re going to get into the next school athletic event, look no further than the 20/20 desk for the (free) college experience of a lifetime. Yes, the tickets are free to students, and they always have been (have we mentioned that they’re free?). There will no longer be a need to text Sally about how you need three extra tickets. But why even fight over those pesky tickets or bother walking to 20/20? Just watch from the sidelines of the arena. Everybody knows that students only go to the game to get drunk and leave before halftime anyway.


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