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GVSU Roommate Mad Libs Game


If you’re living with a stranger for the first time, it can be difficult to get to know one another. One of the best ways to find out what you have in common is to talk about your plans for the future. Fortunately, this Mad Libs will make your bonding stronger as you complete the story to see how your futures will progress.





It’s your first year living in __________ (GVSU living area), and admit it, you aren’t optimistic. It’s far from all your classes, your neighbors are noisy, and the air always smells like _______ (Food at Fresh).


Then you meet your roommate ________ (Player #1). They just transferred from _______ (College – not GVSU), and when you ask them why he/she chose GV, he/she tells you he/she heard great things about our ________ (Verb ending in “-ing”) Club and can’t wait to get in. Then he/she opens one of his/her suitcases to reveal a GameCube with __________ (Number) controllers. So yeah, _________ (Player #1) doesn’t seem that bad.


But eventually, __________ (Player #1) starts to get on your nerves. They spend ______ (Number) hours in the bathroom every morning, and every night they blast _________ (Band/Musician #1) as loud as they can and won’t stop doing the _________ (Dance) in the living room. You start to wonder what _______ (Player #1)’s deal is.


One night, as you’re sitting in the living room procrastinating studying for your ________ (Class #1) test by playing _________ (Video Game), _________ (Player #1) comes in, a huge grin on his/her face. “What’s up?” You ask.

“I just got my first paycheck from _________ (Place to work at on campus)! I can start my plan earlier than I thought.”


“What’s your plan?” You ask.


_________ (Player #1) sits down on the couch. “So you know I’m majoring in _________ (Major) right now, right?” You nod. “Well, that’s just to make my parents happy. See, what I really want to do is be a __________ (Profession #1). Right now I’ve got a job work as a  _________ (Crappy campus job) to cover school and everything. I’ve got ________ (Number) thousand out in loans already, and I have to make enough money to afford to buy myself _________ (Item at the bookstore).” You nod.


“So, I’ll work there until I graduate,” _________ (Player #1) continues, “Then I’ll use the money I’ve put aside to buy myself a _________ (Weird item on eBay). I’ve done the research, you can get a good one for less than our tuition, easy. And here’s the best part: I’ve got a _________ (Relative) living out in _________ (City #1). They’ve got a lot of friends in the _________ (Profession #1) game, so I’ll be able to get in easy. They say it takes years to make it, but I’m a hard worker, so I know I can do it before I _________ (Verb).”


“Well, best of luck,” You say.


“Thanks! And don’t worry, I’ll still remember you when I’m living in _________ (Name of city in Michigan).” With that, __________ (Player #1) returns to his/her room and begins blaring __________ (Band/Musician).


As the door shuts, you laugh so hard that the ________ (Drink) you’ve been sipping blasts out your nose. A _________ (Profession #1)? Really? In ______ (Number) years, you just know they’re going to be _________ (Verb ending in “ing”) on the streets of ____________ (City) for _______ (Number) dollars an hour. You laugh to yourself, then turn on Netflix to watch _________ (TV show) and start watching, your _________ (Class #1) textbook lying open on the couch. At least you know you’re already ahead of your roommie!


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