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How to: Handle Yourself Now That Gilmore Girls is on Netflix

An exciting thing happened this week for the girls of the world who are old enough to remember after school television every day at 5 p.m. on ABC Family. Gilmore Girls is finally on Netflix. For so many young, impressionable female minds, this is a dream come true. The access to all favorite Gilmore-isms has been seriously lacking since 2007. 


Now there are all seven seasons available on Netflix. Keep an eye open, because pretty soon all you’ll be able to see when walking through the Clem Second are laptops with different stages of the Rory/Jess relationship (because Dean was too small town and Logan was a screw up and every polo-wearing frat star wishes they could be a badass like Jess). If you find yourself with one of those laptops patiently waiting for when Luke and Lorelai finally get together, here are a couple of tips to help you pass your classes before Mr. Jefferson kicks you out and you have to pack your bags and move to the charming town that is Stars Hollow, Connecticut. 


Channel your inner Rory Gilmore. Rory would never spend every waking hour binge watching a TV show when she has a test for Katherine Maus’s Shakespeare class the following day. She would study her ass of and get an A. Sure, she chose to be a Yale Bulldog instead of a Virginia Cavalier, but if she had visited any Southern universities, we know she would have picked this one.


Load up on coffee. It’s in the Gilmore nature to drink your own body weight in coffee. You can use this to your advantage in order to get all of your work done and still watch at least one episode per night. Plus, with your choice of Greenberry’s, Starbucks, and West Range, there are nearly unlimited coffee options.


Find ways to incorporate Gilmore Girls into your studies. This is a breeze for everyone majoring in Media Studies, English, or Sociology. But here at The Black Sheep, we encourage creativity. Gilmore Girls could provide a short history of the states of New England from 2000-2007. Or the show provides the opportunity to calculate the average word spoken per minute for every character and chart them to be displayed on the Clem staircase. 


You can say goodbye to other distractions. Anything else you have going on that can detract from your schoolwork just won’t seem like a priority anymore. Who needs to dwell on that guy you met at Trin who won’t call you back when you get to watch Rory and Logan’s love unfold. Any impending anxiety about parents’ weekend just won’t seem as uncomfortable as Chris and Lorelai running into Emily and Richard at Yale. So really, you can be grateful that the show is giving you an outlet for the other social aspects of your life and presenting you with just one distraction from your studies.


So there you have it, a few easy tips to getting to enjoy all 154 episodes of your favorite adolescent nostalgia. Now you can watch with the comfort of knowing that, like Rory, you can also graduate and go to work for Obama. 

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