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How to Not Die at the Little Rock Zoo

Recently at the Little Rock Zoo, a 3-year-old fell into a jaguar’s exhibit and was seriously injured, but is luckily expected to fully recover. We all laugh at Anchorman when Ron Burgundy jumps into the bear exhibit, but in real life, it’s extremely dangerous. So, to help our community, The Black Sheep brings tips to help you not fall into any zoo exhibit.


Go to the Gentry Zoo. It’s actually not dangerous to go to the Gentry Zoo because you won’t be falling down into anything. Instead you’ll be falling over all the adorable animals you can play with. These animals are specifically trained to be able to interact with humans in a friendly way and it’s basically the next best thing to free puppies. No threat of losing one’s face at the Gentry Zoo.


Don’t drop anything in the exhibit. We all know our phones are the most important things to us. If you’re taking pictures of the animals via smartphones and lose your firm grip on that piece of your soul, you’ll be falling into the exhibit so a part of you won’t die. Keep your belongings tucked in a jacket or your purse and the risk of losing a limb to a bored and pissed off leopard drastically reduces.


Watch your food. Walking around any zoo with loads of beef jerky or fruit stuffed in your jacket could cause some unwanted attention from the animal kingdom. Next thing you know you’re standing snuggly against the fence surrounding the lion exhibit trying to take a selfie, when suddenly-bam! Mufasa has you in a painful bear hug. Leave the snacks in the car, folks.


Don’t sit on a fence. Simply because you’ll fall in and die. Duh. It’s actually a rule to not sit on any kind of fence at the zoo for the pure reason of common sense. You don’t need a reason to not sit on a fence. It’s dangerous. Just don’t do it. Just… don’t.


Just flat out don’t ever go to a zoo. Going to zoos basically means you support animals being locked up and never getting to roam free where they’re meant to live. You’re practically looking at these animals through jail cells, taunting them with your overabundance of freedom. Just think about that the next time you make plans to visit a zoo. And watch Blackfish on Netflix. It will change your life.


If you do love going to the zoo with friends or family, have some fun with it, but let’s be careful. Watch over your kids and don’t throw food over the fence. Zoos aren’t meant to be complicated. It takes a significant amount of effort to be in danger.

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