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How to Own the Career Gallery

MSU’s biggest career fair, Career Gallery , is coming up this week, and unless you’re an engineering student, no employer is going to want to talk to you. In an attempt to make your experience less, y’know, shitty, your friends at The Black Sheep have put together some insider information about how to own the Career Gallery and get yourself a big kid job.


Dress properly:

Let’s start with the basics. Everyone’s going to be wearing boring shit, so you need to make yourself stand out. Don’t show up like no scrub, but maybe a crazy/sexy/cool attitude will suit you better. Just look unpretty, like you’re gonna go chasing waterfalls. So slap on whatever makes you comfortable (probably sweatpants) and go wow some potential employers.


Don’t bring your resume:

You don’t want to come across as presumptuous. Modesty is the best policy here. Swipe a card off the recruiter (doubles as a way to pick up numbers, *wink*) and email it to them later if you really think they’re worth your talents. This also gives you time to make up a bunch of stuff to fit exactly what they’re looking for and guarantee yourself a spot.


Do bring a wingman:

Have someone by your side to talk you up when you’re trying to sell yourself to the recruiter. So when you say something like “I really feel that as an English major, I’ll be able to add some necessary diversity to the team,” he’ll say “he’s diverse as fuck. Seriously. He’s like Spiderman jumping into action.” This will really reassure the recruiter that other people are confident in you, too.


Keep talking to the recruiter:

They’re there to talk to you, so if there are lulls in the conversation, don’t bow out. Show the recruiter that you’re definitely not awkward and you’re really personable. Tell her about your parents, tell her about how adorable your dog is, hell, show her pictures. The point of a career fair is to make a memorable, personal connection. The people waiting behind you in line just haven’t been utilizing their time, and they’re probably jealous of the wonderful connection you’ve made with your new BFF.


Head to the booth with no one else there:

The other losers at the career fair are going to line up for some major car manufacturer. You should head to the empty booth, the one where the guys are actually reading the resumes. Shoot the shit with them for a few minutes, and see if they’re worthwhile. Before you know it, there’ll be a line for these guys and they’ll have you to thank for it. You’ll be the one that they remember; especially if you invite them to Rama and get them trashed enough to offer you a job on the spot.


Career fairs can be intimidating, especially ones that cover every inch of the Breslin Center. Just follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to kill it at the Career Gallery. The best news of all is that it’s basically the last career fair until spring. So after this week, sit back, crack a beer, and wait for the interviews to roll in.

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