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How To Survive a 6-9 Class at GVSU


While it’s unlikely to have no Friday classes at Grand Valley, this school practically guarantees you’ll have at least one 6-9 in your Laker lifetime. Night classes aren’t easy, or for babies (well, maybe a really smart baby, GV ain’t Harvard). Use this survival guide and, you know, survive the inevitable 6-9.


Choose Wisely:

Be extra careful in choosing what 6-9s you take. Do some research about the professors and class itself. Don’t be afraid to *gasp* talk to people about what 6-9 they would recommend. Also, don’t pick something too boring. Of course, an entertaining 6-9 is an oxymoron, but Sixties Youth Culture or Underwater Basket Weaving might be more engaging than Accounting 101. is a good place to look as well, just take into consideration who is writing the evaluation. Like, if you’re a damn nerd, don’t listen to the kid who clearly comes to class high. And vice versa as well.


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Get Motivated:

Here’s easily the hardest part of surviving a 6-9, you actually have to go to it every week. Unlike your other classes that meet 2 or 3 times weekly, not going to your 6-9 is the equivalent of skipping class all week. For our veteran class-skippers, this would not be a problem, but most people aren’t capable of that high level of slack-a-tude yet.


Instead, motivate yourself to always go to your 6-9. And with whatever measures it takes: going to a bar after class gets out, concert tickets, hitting up that Tinder mutual you said you weren’t going to, basically whatever it takes.


Bring Snacks:

Thankfully, the most accepted time to eat in class is in a 6-9. There are two routes you can take with snacks: healthy or tasty. If you choose healthy, you’ll likely be more energized and engaged in class. If you choose tasty, you’ll likely be sluggish, but damn if you won’t be happy. Ultimately, it’s up to you. Just remember that not all snacks have to be edible, *cough, cough* alcohol in water bottles. Grand Valley may be a fairly dry campus, but that shouldn’t stop you. In fact, there’s a good chance you won’t be the only one partaking in some potent potables, *cough, cough* professor.


Utilize Breaks:

While it might seem like a good idea to skip the built-in breaks that come with 6-9s, it’s really not that great. You came to class to learn and you can’t do that when you keep getting distracted by either your need to pee or stretch your legs. Truly, the extra 20 you get when you don’t take breaks isn’t even the equivalent of watching an episode of some shitty sitcom. Plus, during breaks you can talk to your professor if need be about anything from the syllabus to their personal life. You’d be surprise how open people are at 7:30 p.m..


Good luck surviving your 6-9s throughout the upcoming semesters! But seriously, pick an earlier class. Don’t hate yourself so much.


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