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How to Survive Freshman Year Illini Style

As an incoming freshman, no one knows what to expect, especially at a huge, rambunctious school like Illinois. With the final days of summer rapidly dwindling down, incoming freshies are rushing to prepare for the upcoming school year. However, no amount of supply runs to Office Max or Target will fully prepare anyone, and that’s why The Black Sheep has devised a foolproof guide to surviving freshman year at Illinois.


Kam’s smells disgusting, but go in anyway. You must mentally prepare yourself for walking into Kam’s, but once you have one Blue Guy or 12, you don’t notice it as much.


Rent your books, and buy used if you can. You won’t ever read them again. Do you think you will ever read about stars and galaxies again as a communication major? No. Save yourself a ton of money by renting your books.


Drunk food is glorious and will save you the next morning. Eat something fried and chock-full of carbs to soak up the alcohol. Wingin’ Out, located right across the street from The Red Lion, is perfect because wings and fried mac and cheese bites can cure anything.


If you have a fake, make sure it’s a good one. Champaign cops have been notorious for raiding bars on almost any night, and bouncers have been getting stricter on IDs. Invest your life savings in a great fake if you choose to get one.


Not every weekend is as Animal House as Welcome Weekend. Take full advantage of the first weekend of the school year, it really is like the movies. After that, not so much, but it’s still a good time.


You can’t get away with as much as you think you can in Foellinger, so pay attention. If you think you are being slick taking a nap in class or talking to a friend, you’re not. Even in a sea of 750 other students, professors have been known to call out students in the middle of class.


You don’t need to join a fraternity or sorority to make friends. But with that being said…


…Illinois has the largest Greek community in the country, so join. There are over 7,000 people involved, so chances are you will meet many different people.


The Six Pack really is the best place to live. Not because the dorms themselves are that great, but they are the most social, so you’re guaranteed to make friends.


Beware of the basement tools at the ARC. Unless you are a meathead lifting machine, the ARC basement can be a scary place for outsiders. Imagine being back in high school and sitting down at the wrong lunch table, everyone gives you the death stare because you clearly don’t belong. That’s what it’s like to be in the ARC basement.


You have to try Fat Sandwich in order to be a true Illini. It’s a rite of passage, and most people are awestruck the first time they try it. Sandwiches loaded with fries, mozzarella sticks, and chicken tenders are actually a college kid’s dream come true.


With this advice in mind, you should do just fine this upcoming year. And remember, always read The Black Sheep for your college news source, never pay attention to the garbage in The DI


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