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How to: Win Welcome Week at Pitt

College is the best time of your life, four (or five seven) years of debauchery with little responsibility. One of the few commitments you’ll have during undergrad will be to attend class, but there’s one magical time when even that doesn’t apply: Welcome Week. This special week occurs once a year and combines all the best parts of college: warm weather, free flowing alcohol, and loose morals. It can be a challenge to take full advantage of this opportunity, so here are a few pointers to help you make the most of Welcome Week.


Go out: 

You should be going out and drinking until you can’t stand up every night of Welcome Week. You’ll absolutely be hung over in the morning, but it’s not like you have class, so drink up, sleep in and regret nothing. For the freshmen, this week is your first taste of college. Do you want to be going to bed at a reasonable hour, or would you rather be out there becoming a campus legend? College is a drinking marathon that will require you to sprint. Frat parties, tailgates, and day ragers will ask a lot of your liver, and nobody wants to be friends with the kid who pukes just looking at a fifth of raspberry Burnett’s (yeah, get used to drinking that shit for a while, freshmen).


This doesn’t just apply to the freshmen, either. Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and super seniors should all be going ham too. You haven’t seen your friends all summer, so use this week to catch up over a beer or twelve. Binge watching Orange is the New Black is just as — if not more — enjoyable hung over with the added bonus of not having to actually be anywhere.


Shirk responsibility:

Soon classes will commence, real life will be knocking at your door, and it will be socially unacceptable to black out on a Tuesday just because. Freshmen in particular should avoid any worries or duties. Your RA wants you to go to an orientation event? Take a nap instead. Your professor wants you to start the readings for class? The textbooks will still be there waiting for (read: on Amazon) you in few weeks, should you choose to buy them (most people treat this part of school as optional). Take advantage of Welcome Week as the perfect cross between the zero-responsibility summer months and the authority-free party atmosphere of college.


Make friends:

Yes you should blow off orientation events, but only the “Fire Safety” and “Prepare Your Future” ones. If it’s social with a floor full of girls (or guys, if any of you Holland ladies are reading this) then go. Every freshman is in the same boat as you. They’re new to Pitt, they don’t really know anybody, and they want to make friends. I met my best friend in college by talking to the guy next to me in class freshman year. You can do it too. Start making friends and create a network. You don’t have to go on LinkedIn right away (unless you’re one of those business school types who thinks they’re the next Jordan Belfort) but all those people you meet now will be the ones inviting you to parties down the road.


Above all else, Welcome Week should be the time to lay the groundwork for the rest of the year. Go out, drink, and prep your liver. Have a few questionable nights now so that you can rage with the best of them later. Enjoy Welcome Week while you can, because before you know it midterms will be here and you’ll be googling the fastest way to get caffeine into your blood stream (snort instant coffee crystals). For now, relax and give yourself a pat on the back. You made it to college. Make some friends, get drunk with them, and relax. Finals are only a few months away.

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