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How UVa Students Actually Do Netflix and Chill

“Netflix and Chill” is the latest craze that’s sweepin’ the nation. Although college kids everywhere are getting it on while watching Narcos, UVa students are shaking things up — like always. Here’s how The Black Sheep imagines UVa students actually doing Netflix and Chill.


College of Arts and Sciences — Clemons and Chill:




The College is a diverse mixture of people, so they couldn’t find a more diverse place to hang out than Clemons (second floor, to be specific). This is where all the A and S kids come to pick up their next potential bae. Sometimes these pickups lead to dates on the weekend, but usually they’ll just head to the stacks for some “learning.” Ah, good ol’ Clem*


*The second floor will be closing soon, so get your baes while supplies last.


E-School — Newcomb Game Room and Chill:




Newcomb’s game room is quite under-appreciated, but it would make the perfect spot for E-schoolers to find a fellow gamer, hacker, genius, etc. They know how to perfectly shark you out of a game of pool, and they can hack the music to keep Newcomb’s playlist as fire as usual. This kind of excitement is what really gets them going. Netflix is for amateurs.  



A-School — Pick Up Stix and Chill:



Talk about an intricate game of Pick Up Stix to heat things up. It will become so intense and passionate between you and your “friend” by then end. Don’t go easy on your soon-to-be boo, though. You both need to prove your dominance because, after all, you will be fighting against each other to make the plans for the next round of Rotunda construction (to come in 2018, of course).


Curry School — Group Projects and Chill:




Students who want to be teachers have a knack for working on group projects. The rest of the world hates nothing more than group projects. Please, take them all. You guys love them so much that you like to spend your free time working on group assignments. Whatever floats your boat. Maybe ask your class-crush to be in your group next time and then make your move. But, quick tip, you probably won’t be able to distract him with a coloring book when you get bored on your chill date.


*No, this isn’t another way of saying Curry students are into orgies.



Comm School — Case Studies and No Chill:



Future CEOs can dream, but they won’t be chilling with anyone soon. We’re all interested in the awesome income you’ll have one day, but we’re going to need you to lock down a solid job before we chill with you. Until then, don’t keep calm, don’t Netflix and Chill, do not pass go; however, do collect $200 dollars.



Batten — Presidential Debates and Chill:




The people of Batten like to get their freak on while listening to presidential candidates talk about public policy and, well, leadership. Nothing beats a nice cuddle session with potential bae while you both laugh at Trump’s notion to boycott Starbucks and then make impressions of politicians until you fall accidentally asleep.



Nursing School — Operation and Chill:




Why watch Netflix when you can pretend you’re a surgeon instead? Nurses like to whip out their handy game of “Operation” and test each other. “Be careful not to touch the groin when you’re pulling out the flower!” We’re on to you. You totally wanted him to touch the groin.

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