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If SEC East Schools Were Netflix Streaming Shows


It’s everyone’s favorite way to put off studying, cleaning, or doing anything remotely related to being an adult: Netflix. Combine that with the greatest time of year (aka football season), and you’ve got pretty great article to keep open on your computer while you mindlessly sit in the MLC downing Cheez-Its and Frosty Joes.


University of Florida: Rules Of Engagement


rules of engagement


This show (and university) is nothing but a Friends wannabe. We’ve all seen the Georgia state license plates with Florida Gators etched on them, and nearly had to pull over because of the response from our gag reflex to this abomination. No worries though; there’s a reason ROE only has 4 seasons compared to Friends’ 10.


University of Kentucky: Friday Night Lights


friday night lights


Though they differ in the sport, it’s not hard to see why these two go together. You have a show about a town whose claim to fame is a football team, and a university known only for their basketball team. Coincidence? We think not.


University of Missouri: New Girl


new girl


No matter how hard Mizzou and their ugly tiger try to convince us otherwise, they’re still the new kids on the block. And just like Jessica Day, Mizzou is having quite a few embarrassing moments while trying to play with the big Dawgs.


University of South Carolina: Breaking Bad


breaking bad


We only have one thing to say about this: someone MUST have been cooking meth when they thought a gamecock was a good university mascot.


University of Tennessee: Glee




Randomly bursting into song and gaudy color combos? Glee has UT written all over it. Now someone hand us a hobnail boot so we can stomp out that incessant Rocky Top crap.


Vanderbilt University: Gossip Girl


gossip girl


Elitist students, private school drama, and nothing to do but gossip about other people make for one great university, ahem, TV show. It’s great fun to watch, but do you actually want to go there? Your conscience and your bank account say no.


University of Georgia: Friends




The show everyone loves and aspires to imitate, Friends and its cast of quirky characters made everyone want to drop everything and buy a cheap apartment above a coffee shop in New York. Ironic that these are all things Athenians love: coffee, low rent, and spending time with friends to put off inevitable adult decisions. Now if we could just find our Chandler…


Much like your GPA, this fall the Dawgs have swiftly dropped in polls and SEC East standings. However, just like the Dawg Nation will always stand by UGA, so Netflix will be there as you watch your dreams of graduating within 4 years fade away.

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