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If UVa Greek Organizations Were Drinks


No matter what your U-Guide tells you before you decide to become a Hoo, Greek life is a big part of the culture. And what better way for us 21st century folk to celebrate in true Greek fashion than by making Dionysus proud with a few rounds of drinks here or there? Every organization has something they’re known for whether they’re Grounds-famous or infamous, so here’s a list of cocktail recipes we think best represent some of our favorite frats and srats around here. See if you can figure out who’d order these at the bar!


The MuDDDslide:



This fun drink is great for any party girl who loves a sweet treat. We think this soupy brown drink is great anywhere, anytime! Whether you’re helping out sick kids or on the dance floor at Trin, the MuDDDslide is what all the cool girls are drinking. Try it out:


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1 oz vodka

1 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur

1 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

1 oz cream


Add ice, vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s and cream to a blender and blend until smoothie consistency.  Pour into a hurricane glass, rim with chocolate syrup for extra chocolately goodness.



Long Island Iced Thea:


Because nothing says “drunk Northerner” like an iced-cold Long Island. This boozy bev is best dressed in the black and gold decadence of Jay Gatsby himself. From a plot at Foxfield to the Hamptons, this drink will get you L.I.T (Long Island…you get the picture). Make one for yourself and your bougie friends:


½ oz gin

½ oz tequila

½ oz vodka

½ oz white rum

½ oz triple sec

½ oz triple sec

½ oz simple syrup

½ oz lemon juice

2 oz cola



Mix all ingredients together except ice and cola. Pour mixture over ice then add cola and lemon slice to garnish.





This back-alley, illegal drink is perfect for our fellas who are no longer a part of the IFC. Like a good apple pie or blueberry moonshine, you’re there for a good time; it’s just not something you want to go bragging about publically. Just make sure if you’re making your own moonshine it doesn’t get too cloudy, nothing’s worse than too much haze. Try this:


6 oz Moonshine (the legal kind)


Pour your moonshine into a mason jar and drink it like the mountain men wanted you to: neat.



Manischewitz Spritzer



For all the chosen people of Greek life, there’s nothing better than the sweet, sweet taste of the classic Jewish table wine. Even better, throw in some bubbles that’ll knock your yarmulke off! Kosher or keg stand, this Manischewitz Spritzer is the perfect college cocktail. L’chaim!


1 oz Manischewitz wine

4 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

4 oz chilled prosecco (or, let’s be real, a bottle of André)



Add wine and bitters to a glass over ice. Top with prosecco and garnish with a lime wheel for additional fanciness.

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