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It’s Not a True UD Football Game Until…


Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if you’re having the true Blue Hen experience when you make the trek all the way down to south campus to watch the big game. Luckily for you, The Black Sheep hascompiled this list of unique Delaware game day occurrences so you know you’re having an authentic Fighting Blue Hens football experience. So, it’s not a true UD football game until…


21.) One student holds up the line at the student section because they have to check all 12 pockets of their cargo shorts for their student ID.


20.) You fall asleep during pregame.


19.) The first kickoff by the team is really bad.


18.) The drunk trumpet player challenges the horn section to a battle.


17.) You spend 70% of the game waiting in some sort of line.


16.) Someone sits in your seat.


15.) You experience deep, bitter resentment for the team.


14.) The entire student section evacuates after second quarter.


13.) The DJ plays hits from two years ago that you’d like to forget.


12.) The guy in front of you is way into the game.


11.) The team loses the ball in a fumble.


10.) Some angry parent is in the crowd threatening to come onto the field and show the team how to “really play football.”


9.) The band plays over the announcer’s calls.


8.) Some drunk alumni tries to talk to you about their glory days as a student while donning a pizza grease-stained faded Blue Hens t-shirt.


7.) The team misses at least 20 passes.


6.) You experience deep, bitter resentment for your peers.


5.) There is some odd score on the board because the team was unable to score a touchdown but instead got a series of field goals.


4.) The cheerleaders and the band are not in sync and they’re hoping no one notices.


3.) The dance team’s can-can legs are extremely uneven, causing them to look like they’re doing the wave with their legs.


2.) The team either loses tragically or wins in the most unimpressive fashion.


1.) You experience deep, bitter resentment for yourself for even bothering to go to the game.

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