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McCormick Rec. Center Beefcake Completely Botches Facebook Profile Picture

Vinnie “The Vibe” Giannopoulos totally screwed the pooch this time. Like some sort of technology-challenged buffoon, “The Vibe” has just recently changed his profile picture on several social media websites to what his gym-buddies, who refer to themselves as “The Legendz,” are calling “a full-blown disabrointment.” 


The image was uploaded to Giannopoulos’ Facebook, Twitter, “Where Buff People Meet,” and Instagram and was met with what “The Vibe” described as “totes less likes and bumps than I expected.”   


Giannopoulos’s profile pictures are frequently updated, and typically consist of an image of the young man with a group of friends making duck faces on the beach, at tanning salons, various bars, strong-man competitions, Jamba Juice, in a car, and in mirrors at the gym or nightclub bathrooms. It should be noted that in every single picture, the men’s arms are always exposed and flexing, they are typically wearing sunglasses, and when women are included they look like beautiful carrots with bleached blonde hair. 


When asked what he thought of the profile picture, Giannopoulos said, “When I took it, I honestly thought it would be something that all my followers, or as I call them, ‘The Vibe-Tribe,’ woulda’ thought was pretty cheddar.” 


The group’s Twitter account, “TheLegendz4Lyfe,” issued a public statement regarding the event; “Never fear bros, bitches, and legend-lovers, we r doing errthang we can to change The Vibe’z prof pic to one dat’s got dem muscles dat get bitches soaking ASAP. #TheLegendz #VibeTribe #WereHot #Titties.” 


When asked to explain his disappointment, Giannopoulos’ close friend Bruce Peterson, who calls himself “Juice Springsteen,” responded, “For a guy that can bench press as much as he does while wearing a tank and cargo pants, it’s really surprising that this pic turned out like it did.” 


Bobby “The Blowout” McFadden has been working the hardest of all members of The Ledendz to solve the group’s dilemma. The Blowout has spent the past 10 hours “coaching my fellow bro in the science of snapping a proper ‘brofile’ pic.” He went on to explain, “It’s not just a simple flex and photograph. This is a piece of art, and so is my man The Vibe’s bod.  Bitches need to see that The Legendz don’t mess around when it comes to brofile pics.”


Long-time member of The Legendz and self-proclaimed leader of The Vibe-Tribe, Chad “Cheddar” Bradley, explained his reasoning for being so upset, “It just sucks to see a guy totally flop on what could have been something beautiful. I mean, he has some of the nicest abs I have ever had the pleasure of rubbing tanning oil on,” said “Cheddar” as he sighed and looked off into the distance with watery eyes. “It’s just such an unchill pic, bro.”


When asked how crisis-control had been handling the issue, The Legendz stated that they were working as hard as they could to make sure that the “totally ratchet” image was removed from the internet entirely.  


“Ultimately, we just need to make sure that The Vibe understands what’s at stake every time he decides to post a pic of his abs, biceps, inner-thighs, shoulders, or that sweet, sweet ass to the Internet.”


The Vibe has since changed his profile picture across all social media sites to one that is much more fitting of the code of his friends; an image of Giannopolous at a tanning salon wearing a bright green banana-hammock and pink lip gloss presenting his middle finger to the camera with the hashtags “#ImBack, #ManTan, #VibeTribe, and of course, #Titties.”

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