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MSU Planetarium Transformed into Death Star in Honor of New Star Wars Movie


With the long-awaited seventh installment of Star Wars almost here, it’s difficult to go through the day without wishing your umbrella doubled as a lightsaber, or your best friend would just turn into a Wookiee. Lucky for you, MSU has jumped at the chance to pay tribute to our beloved Jedis and Jar Jars in just about the only way they know how: by transforming the Planetarium into the Death Star. We hopped on our Tauntauns to check out the commotion for ourselves, and let’s just say we don’t have such a bad feeling about this.


The once-bland exterior of the Planetarium is now anything but. Surrounding this masterpiece is nothing but swarms of students in Jedi attire battling with makeshift lightsabers and holding each other in choke holds from several feet away. Upon exploring these throngs of warriors, we came in contact with some Jedis in training, MSU freshman Jim Jensen and junior Paul Aicken. Paul gave us the dish on how this large, deteriorating golf ball came to be.


“Jim and I, along with all these other Luke Skywalkers-to-be, are part of the MSU Jedi Council,” Paul explained. “It’s a club for Sith lovers and Han fanatics alike, and we’ve been anticipating the upcoming film for a long time. What better way to celebrate the series’ return, we figured, than with the deadliest battle station in a galaxy far, far away?”


“This makes selling everything to my name totally worth it,” Jim commented, wide-eyed.


Unfortunately, we were unable to catch the rest of Paul’s spiel due to yet another Jedi-robed, full-grown man roaming around the Death Star.


“WHAT IS THIS?!?” the anonymous angry Jedi yelled, gesturing with his arm toward the hovering battle station. “Does what Luke did mean nothing to you people?!”


“That’s Chris,” Paul said embarrassed. “He’s one of the Master Jedis of our Council; he’s pissed because we sold his life-sized Han Solo in carbonite.”


Despite the Vader haters, the Jedi Council has been able to really bring this thing together, and although the outside looks extremely impressive, only members of the Council are allowed in. Don’t worry, we’ve got the connections for you to get yourself in to Vader’s Crib.


“It’s truly based on one principle, and it’s quite obvious,” Paul scoffed. “You need to be a Jedi. I mean, we accept Padawans too,” Paul explained as he patted Jim on the back. “You’ve pretty much got to be able to jump really high and do cool spins and stuff.”


Just like George Lucas would have wanted. So if you got a thing for small green men who defy the rules of grammar, or princesses who makeshift earmuffs out of their hair, you may want to take a second and Jedi-ify yourself via this MSU group. Perks: you’ll get this sick pager that notifies you with meetings in holograms, and word on the street is they’ve got a few Ewoks up in that space station. Oh, and may the force be with you.

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