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Top Classes for Freshmen at the U of A

Now that you’re up to date on your freshman dorm experience, it’s time that all of you incoming freshmen learn about important classes that will be crucial to your future in college. As an incoming Razorback, you already know you have to take the AlcoholEdu course online that will “try” to teach you to make good decisions with alcohol. However, the U of A considered a few other classes for incoming freshmen that haven’t been added to the course catalog yet.


UNIV 1053 – HangoverEdu: If you don’t learn the intended lessons taught in AlcoholEdu, you might occasionally wake up with a hangover. Yes, skipping class is an option, but is NEVER a good idea. Just showing up to class can be part of your grade; you don’t want to fail a course because you missed one class by partying way too hard the night before. This course will teach you how to prevent a hangover the next morning and how to ensure you make it to class on time.


DIXN 1023 – Dickson Street 101: Though you, as freshmen, aren’t 21, and although you’ll have opportunities to go to frat parties and sneak alcohol into the dorms, you can’t go out to drink. Taking Dickson Street 101 will prove useful for future drinking on Dickson Street. This course will teach you how to make friends with bouncers and how to sneak into bars before they start checking IDs. You’ll enjoy projects in this class that involve going out on the weekends and trying different tactics to sneak into bars then writing a paragraph describing your experience. Dickson Street 101 will also help you map the best places to meet an attractive person of the opposite sex. You’ll want to take HKUP 1063 to maximize the opportunities this class will provide.


HKUP 1063 – How to One-Night Stand: This course is great for freshmen who never had enough confidence in high school to hook up with a stranger for just one night. You’ll learn all the ins and outs of one-night stands. You’ll learn all the necessary etiquette, such as inviting the other person to stay the night, and also learn what not to do, like agreeing to stay the night. You’ll also be sure to learn about discreet sidewalks back to your dorm so you’ll be able to have your walk of shame without running into anybody in the Union.


WASH 1073 – Intro to Doing Laundry: Your mommy isn’t going to be around anymore to do your laundry for you, and you can’t just form a pile of dirty clothes and wait until fall break to get back in clean clothes. Gross. This class teaches you the tricks to avoid shrinking your clothes and keeping track of all your socks. You’ll even learn how to fold your clothes to make everything fit into your small closet and shelf spaces. This is a must-have course that will help you even when college is over.


With a little perseverance and A LOT of note taking, these classes will help you survive your freshman year. Upperclassmen had to learn all these lessons the hard way, but the university will soon include these new courses so freshmen don’t have to sweat the small stuff. The Black Sheep wishes all of the incoming freshmen the best of luck in their first semester of college at the YOU of A.

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