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Parent’s Weekend: A Time to Reconnect

Free dinners, awkward hugs, and passive aggressive comments about how much weight you’ve put on. That’s right Pitt, it’s Parent’s Weekend! A long standing college tradition, Parent’s Weekend is a great way for families to recharge their emotional batteries. It gives students the opportunity to fill their bank account and parents the opportunity to see where their mortgage is going. The Black Sheep was able to catch up with a few students and parents to check on how their weekend has been so far.


“We’ve been so glad to see our Jeffrey,” beamed Carol Porter, mother of a freshman. “I was so proud to see that he had become an environmentalist.” Parents often are shocked by how mature their child has become in only a few short weeks. “He talks about grass all the time and even hangs a giant poster of a bright green leaf over his bed,” elaborated Porter. “Jeffrey’s roommate says that he spends a lot of time out of the room. Up all night studying no doubt since his eyes were bloodshot when we first got here.”


Some parents stay for the whole weekend, while others stay just a day. “We only came for the football game,” explained Bill Fischer, father of sophomore, Steven Fischer, “but when I called my son to meet him outside his dorm, McCormick Hall, he didn’t answer. After ten calls I started to get worried until I saw him leaving Amos in a dress shirt and khaki shorts. I was struck with pride when I realized he must’ve been getting some early morning studying done with a friend before the game.” When asked if he had indeed been studying, Steven replied, “uh… yeah, sure.”


The football game is of course the big event for the weekend. “Our daughter, Maggie met us inside the stadium, because she said she had a sorority event before the game,” Beth Miller, mother of another freshman explained. “When she finally came to meet us it took her a while to get down the steps of the stadium and after only a few minutes she ran off to the bathroom saying she didn’t feel well. My poor baby must have a bad case of the flu because she missed the whole second quarter.”


It’s easy to tell that many students are extremely happy to see their parents for the first time in weeks. “How much longer until Sunday?” sophomore Margot Whitman inquired while lighting a cigarette. “My dad is like totally embarrassing the hell out of me. He offered to take me and my friends to the Cheesecake Factory. Like oh my god dad, do you not realize that place is just another cog in the corporate machine? I only eat locally grown because I like actually care about this planet.”


All in all, both parents and students find this weekend a rewarding and relaxing experience. With plenty of events to attend and beautiful sights to see in Pittsburgh, the amount of fun families can have is limitless. It’s easy to tell that students really cherish the quality time spent with their family. “Holy shit, I hope they never come back,” quipped Whitman before crushing her smoke on Tower’s Patio, “worst weekend of my life.”


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