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Parents Visit Parents Weekend at OU, Even Though Son Goes to Miami

Students across campus welcomed their parents into their dorms and apartments for Parents Weekend at OU on Friday, but not every parent on campus was visiting their child. At least one set of parents visited OU for the weekend, even though their son attends Miami University. 

John and Stacy Magers met at OU when they were both undergrads. John was studying political science and Stacy was a history major. After graduating, they got married and moved to Dayton, Ohio. They were blessed with the birth of their son, Scott, in the late 1990s.  

At least, they thought he was a blessing—Scott decided to attend Miami University upon his high school graduation in 2017. 

“We both got what we felt was a great education at Ohio University,” John said. “We just wanted Scott to get the same chances we got in college. If it wasn’t for the contacts and clubs that I joined at Ohio University, I never would have met Stacy, and I never would have gotten my first job. Then again, Stacy and I wouldn’t have had John, which doesn’t look like such a bad thing now that he’s a Redhawk.” 

“I met lots of friends [at OU] that I still keep in touch with today,” Stacy said. “College is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We just wanted Scott to take full advantage of this time of his life, and we really thought he would flourish as a Bobcat. But what can you do? Abandon your child because he went to a rival college? Maybe. Maybe that’s something you do.” 

Even though Scott is a freshman at Miami, that didn’t stop John and Stacy from making the drive to Ohio University for Parents Weekend.  

“Just because Scott picked a different school doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the Parents Weekend experience,” John said. “We are still parents—just not of a Bobcat.” 

John and Stacy said they plan on having a great weekend in Athens without having to worry about engaging with their son. They will attend the volleyball game on Friday and then spent the evening at Jackie O’s, bonding with other parents’ Bobcat offspring, the couple said. 


“We’re planning on having a lot of fun without Scott there,” Stacy said. 


Parents AREN’T ALLOWED to listen to our podcast. 

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