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Penn State Freshman Having Trouble Picking Out 15th Costume


Penn State student Jenna McKean, a freshman in Finance, is facing a difficult decision this upcoming Halloween. She has been having trouble finding her 15th costume for Halloweekend.


 “I need a costume for Sunday brunch,” stated the clearly stressed freshman. When we suggested she wear the same costume she wore the night before she laughed in our face.


The Black Sheep took a look at some of her other costumes, which constitute an impressive feat. Some of her other costumers include the usual’s like the Slutty Nurse and the Spotted Cheetah; to the somewhat strange like an apple and a mask of TV’s Alfonso Ribeiro; to the downright offensive like Robin Williams with a rope around his neck.


“I need a costume for Thursday night’s party, Friday English, Friday economics, Friday dinner, Friday pre-game, Friday’s party, Saturday’s breakfast, the first half of the game, the second half of the game, lunch after the game, Saturday dinner, Saturday pre-game, Saturday’s party, Sunday mass, and Sunday brunch,” said the panicking freshman.


We talked to her friend, Jenna Marshall about this difficult decision. “If Jenna can’t find the right 15th costume for Sunday brunch, it could completely ruin her reputation. No one remembers the first 14 costumes if your 15th costume is lame. For the rest of college she’ll be remembered as that white girl who went to brunch with the stupid costume,” her concerned friend elaborated.


At press-time, Jenna was stuck choosing between being How I Met Your Mother’s slutty pumpkin or writing book on her face and going as Facebook.


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