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A Pitt Student’s Guide to Every Gym on Campus

For the fitness inclined Pitt student, navigating the multitude of gyms on Pitt’s campus can be a challenge in itself. The Black Sheep did some investigative work to get to the bottom of every weight room and cardio complex and in turn, make choosing your gym second nature to you. Never again will you wonder if the trek to Trees is worth it, or if Bellefield could just as easily satisfy your “getting swole” needs (let’s be real, it can’t).


Baierl Rec Center (aka The Pete)

Steroid Central


Is that guy doing a handstand and a push-up at the same time? We’ll just be over here on the treadmill at 3.5… it’s a steady pace… ok, but, we have the incline up too. Cue the flood of inadequate feelings. Does everyone who goes to the Pete also live there? Do they consume pre-workout with every meal? God forbid, someone forgot their blender bottle and had to go to a workout without a protein shake. Everyone is adorned in the navy blue workout suits of a student athlete. The horror. We got 99 problems and they’re all blindingly apparent to us now that we’re surrounded by this strangely flawless human race. There must be another way.


Trees Hall


Sausage Fest


It’s safe to assume anyone in here could and will be referred to as “bro” at least once before they leave, regardless of gender. Down here with the cellar dwellers, all bets are off. We’ve got the scrawny freshman who don’t know how to bench press, and the guys you’ve easily confused for the incredible hulk. It’s a no judgment zone with a “no grunting” policy, but it’s not for the faint of heart. The smell alone could probably kill you, if the heat doesn’t. Imagine walking into a cloud of sweat. Not just the fragrance, but actual humidity caused by sweat. And if you have two X chromosomes, god bless. Because walking into Trees as a female is like entering a lion’s den covered in meat. Savages.



Your Professor Works Out Here


If you have any important questions about the syllabus, but can’t make it to office hours, odds are you’ll end up running into your professor on an elliptical at Bellefield. Still unconclusive, but every day might be “bring your grandparents to the gym” day. The layout of this place is also a total clusterfuck. Cardio in one hallway-ish room and weights down the hall to the left (but not that left, this left). Also, why the hell is there a gym in here? Who’s idea was this? There is no method to this madness.


3rd Floor of the Union


Yoga Pants and Nike Frees


The closest any GDI will ever get to bid day. We may never know why sorority girls flock to this gym, maybe it’s the convenience of being located so close to Amos Hall, maybe it’s the abundance of cardio machines, but one thing is for certain: LuLu Lemon unofficially endorses this gym. And to everyone who had no idea there was a gym in the Union, you’re welcome.


Any 24-hour Residence Hall Gym


All or Nothing


Everyone from your residence hall will be trying to use the same treadmill or it’ll be an absolute ghost town, there is no in between.

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