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Pitt O Week Bucket List Bonanza

Ahh, O Week. That magical time on Pitt’s campus when Towers hasn’t exactly been trashed yet, the weather is tolerable, and Market can still be deemed “edible.” The one week out of the year where you are free to run Pitt’s campus without worries of having class. Some students spend this time wisely preparing for the coming semester. Sadly, those kids are mega-nerds. To prevent this from happening to you, The Black Sheep has developed a fun game to occupy your time and help keep track of your O Week points.


Collect three free t-shirts: 5 Points + 1 point for each extra shirt

+3 Bonus: It’s a convocation shirt


Get into a party for free (and not because you “know someone”): 2 points

+2 Bonus: It happens more than once this week


Awkwardly run into that one kid from your high school who came to Pitt: 3 points/encounter

+1 Bonus: They’re “So totally going to be pre-med.”


Go an entire day without paying for food or using your meal plan: 10 points

+ 5 Bonus: You get ice cream at some point during the day.


Be asked for directions: 2 points

+ 3 Bonus: “Hi, excuse me! Where’s the Cathedral of Learning?”

– 3: You have to ask someone for directions. Come on. You’re supposed to have your shit together.


Learn something new: 0 points. LEARNING IS PRICELESS.


Crash the late night Target trip: 4 points

+ 1 Bonus: Leave with more than one goodie bag.


Witness someone making a tragic bookstore mistake: 3 points

+ 1 Bonus point for every $100 they could have saved on Amazon.


Do a keg stand: 1 point/second


Meet someone who speaks Pittsburghese: 6 points for yinz


Avoid someone you hooked up with last semester: 5 points

+ 3 Points if it’s by hiding behind a large group of freshmen.


Failing to avoid someone you hooked up with last semester: 5 pity points

– 3 points if it’s the same person as the one above


Get drunk Pizza: + 1 Point

+ 5 Points if you don’t pay


Spot the drunk freshman: 3 points

– 4 points if they throw up on you


Be mistaken as a drunk freshman: 4 points

-10 points if you throw up.


Catch a campus squirrel: 25 points


Survive the week without the unfortunate after effects of Market: 1000 Points (because it ain’t gonna happen)


Take and tweet a selfie with a writer from The Black Sheep: 100 Points and Endless Twitter Glory

+ 5 if you Insta that bad boy

-5 if you do a black and white filter. Who do you think you are? Warhol?

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