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Professor Does Light Jog Across Classroom After Leaving PowerPoint Clicker on Desk


After having completed his first respectable classroom walkabout of the semester, Professor Will Atkinson of University of Texas at Austin realized he left his PowerPoint remote control at his desk, defeating the device’s purpose altogether.


At the time of the incident, Atkinson allegedly exhaled through his shoulders with an almost aggravated “gahhh,” before rushing back across the room to retrieve the remote.


“It was an unsettling moment to say the least,” said freshman Bill Farris, who witnessed the disruption. “But I shook it off after a few seconds and pretty much forgot about it until just now.”


“It was a bit dizzying, having to follow him with my eyes to the other side of the classroom so quickly,” added visual learner Kathryn Donahue. “I got over it once he finally changed the PowerPoint slide and I could understand what he was talking about before.”


Atkinson’s forehead broke out into a sweat after completing the 5-foot trek to the clicker.


“I felt a little awkward about the whole thing, but not enough to distract me from the rest of the lecture,” said sophomore Lydia Marks.


“I believe that everything happens for a reason,” said Dean’s List candidate Dylan McLuchlan, “and Mr. Atkinson’s fumble served as a personal challenge for me to maintain my focus on the content of the course rather than on our human flaws.”


According to scientists, Atkinson was slightly self-conscious while the event occurred.


“The eye-witness accounts state that he ran with his head down and upper body leaning forward at about a 170 degree angle with long, slow strides and toe-heel steps,” said Head of Anatomy Department Gary Shrew. “If you take all that into account with the fact that he apparently mumbled to himself and shook his head, it’s possible that Atkinson was a tad embarrassed by the incident. Through mere body language,” he added, “it can be assured the professor is not going to disrupt his lecture flow in such a devastating way again.”


After Atkinson reunited with the remote, the class resumed as usual with few other minor distractions, including chair squeaking and coughing, before the 90 minutes were up and everyone shuffled out.


“I thought it was gonna be a moment I’d never forget, but as soon as I walked outside I saw a girl get hit by a skateboard and forgot the remote thing ever happened,” said freshman Sara Baron. “But thanks for the reminder.”


To all those who rushed this semester, we salute you:


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