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Reviewing Your RA: A Guide for Pitt Students

November is review season Panthers, which means it’s time for you to rate everything about Pitt: your experience, your professors, and even your RAs. The Black Sheep realizes that all this judging can be tedious, so we have developed this awesome guide for you to rate your RA (if you have one). Just find the RA that applies to you and go from there.


OMG The Best RA Like Ever

This RA is suuuuuper excited all the time. Usually found in Towers or Holland, when you moved in she probably gave you a goodie bag filled with all your favorite things because she had Facebook stalked all of her residents over the summer. She spends hours planning her billboards and days planning her programs and then goes into mourning when nobody notices either. She’ll bust you for booze, but only because it’s her job. Overall, she does a really good job, so be nice with your review. Perhaps something like: “She is really good at her job, but should probably get out a little more.”


The Cool RA

Essentially the favorite uncle of residence life. Not only will this guy spend all his program money on pizza for the floor, but towards the end of the year he might even buy you beer. He’s the type who will low key tell you where the party is at this weekend and when you show up he’ll help you cut the line to the jungle juice. To be honest this guy should definitely be a little stricter, if only for your own good. For your review, you should highlight the pros (free pizza), but definitely include some of the major cons (he was always too hungover to answer questions).


The Drill Sergeant

Did you think coming to college was going to finally give you the freedom you desperately wanted? Well that sucks because you got assigned to Sergeant Major Hardass’s floor. Music a little too loud? FINE. Touch one of his billboards? FINE. Beer can found in the hallway? FINE FOR THE WHOLE FLOOR SO HE KNOWS HE GOT THE RIGHT ONE. Yeah, he’s going to help your GPA in the long run, but all work and no play make Jack a dull boy! The weekend he goes home to visit his girlfriend is the weekend three kids get hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Your review should go: “Very enthusiastic, but the one time I missed a floor meeting and he made me run drills up Cardiac Hill.”


“Wait, We Have an RA?”

Yes, you do. Sophomores are usually blessed with this RA, but sometimes one will slip through the cracks and end up assigned to the freshmen in Towers. This ends up being disastrous. That floor will be Lord of the Flies within days. One student will step up and try to be Piggy, but just like in the book he will be murdered, and we’re not talking metaphorically. Your review will be a cry for help: “I haven’t seen him since I moved in. Please send help. The Littl’uns are building a shrine to the Beast.”


All in all, don’t forget that RAs are people to. Should you review your RA? Yes. Should you be a complete dick in the review? Only if absolutely necessary. Most of them put in a lot of work in order to make your experience at school somewhat comfortable and many of them need the job to help cut down on the cost of college. If you’re feeling super motivated, write a really great paragraph. If not, then copy one of our ideas. Or just be like 99% of the students at Pitt and don’t even bother filling one out.

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