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Ranking of Residence Halls at ECU


Whether you live in a dorm now, or you used to live in a dorm then, or you’ve never had to deal with the loud, crazy, underdeveloped prepubescent freshman dorm life, here is the ranking of ECU’s dorms from worst to best.


16.) North Campus Crossing:




Campus Living’s test run at apartments with The Province prompted them to explore other options… And NCC (now Captain’s Quarters… Like anyone’s gonna actually call it that) offered up a contract they couldn’t refuse. However, the NCC peeps have to buy routers since their buildings don’t have Wi-Fi. That, combined with the feral cats that live in the complex, definitely solidifies its spot at dead last.


15.) Aycock Voldemort:




Seriously, guys, after nine months of pushing for the name to come off, announcing it’ll come off, and we got freshmen here calling it He Who Must Not Be Named still? C’mon.


14.) Greene:




Ladies, we love you, but please, remove the college girl stereotype of sneaking boys in or having bloody tampons in the shower. This is a residence hall, not The Viper Room.


13.) Tyler:




One word: roaches. Honestly, they’re getting themselves a bit too comfortable there, especially now that it’s getting colder. The common areas in this residence hall are almost brand new and have killer TVs… Just make sure you clean up after yourself when you leave, otherwise EVERYONE will end up with a fine.


12.) Garrett:




This residence hall used to house some of the Living and Learning Communities…we’re guessing the appearance of green bugs in the beginning of the year and grimy, slushy bathroom floors ruined that reputation.


11.) Scott:




It hasn’t happened too often this year, but it will soon. This particular hall has fire alarms every other week due to the one dumbass who left their popcorn in the microwave for too long every time.


10.) Clement:




Nice space, but since the robbery last semester by three ECU students, it’s not everyone’s first choice. No one likes having to see the police all week in the middle of the night. Plus, this residence hall is notorious for drunken mishaps; remember that guy that was spitting blood on people? Yeah… scary.


9.) Fleming:




Starting to get better from here. Again, real nice space, but most people play Russian Roulette with the rooms when it comes to how wonky the AC is. It’ll either be so warm in there that you’ll need the window open in the winter time, or so cold that your breath may fog each time you speak.


8.) Fletcher:





Literally, the residence hall is right next to the West End Dining Hall. You have to deal with a few wasps since it’s closer to a couple of small trees and bushes, but quick breakfast, lunch, and dinner is totally worth it.


7.) Umstead:




You’re not too far from the counselor’s office if you ever need to schedule a session. Sure, it’s not staffed enough for you to see someone every time last minute cramming stressed you out, or Netflix and Chill isn’t enough anymore, but they are right there.


6.) Jones:




Long walk from there to class helps with dealing with your Freshman Fifteen, or Post-Freshman Fifteen, also, great place to stay with friends when catching a football game. Not to mention, close to Todd Dining Hall!


5.) College Hill Suites:




Because it’s a suite, you only have to share a bathroom with two or three other people. Sooo clean. Who knew a college suite could be fancy?


4.) Jarvis:




If you don’t like how easy it is to find, you’ll love even more how there’s great parking after 7 p.m. if you’re ever coming from your apartment to meet someone on campus.


3.) White Hall:




Besides being right in front of West End Dining hall, the bathrooms are clean, the carpets are nice, and they have the sweetest housekeeping staff ever! So please, don’t be that one person who leaves trash in the elevator. Yes, they’ll smile in your face even though they should spit in it.


2.) Cotten:




We all know how fancy this place is… Sweetest R.A.s and you can wake up late and still make it to the class in Rawl on time. What could be better?


1.) Gateway:




It’s brand spanking new for Honors College Students, so it’s pristine as hell, the students in there are well mannered through their wall of superiority, and the bathrooms are the BEST. Can’t get over it!


Each building on our campus has different ups and downs, but either way, they’re all a part of ECU’s beloved culture. Now you know which dorm you need to shoot for living in, and which one’s you definitely should try to transfer out of!


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