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Recipe For Disaster: Whatever-You’ve-Got Quiche

Like so many dinners made by college students, the ingredients mainly depend not on the recipe, but the items available in your fridge. Because no one has time to read a recipe, go to the grocery store to buy the specific ingredients, and finally return home and cook the damn thing, it’s always easier to use whatever you got. Here’s a recipe, finally, for that.


What You’ll Need:

Literally anything, but also eggs and milk.


We used onions, mushrooms, and cheese. And also milk and eggs. You can use ingredients such as: Bacon, spinach, ham, broccoli, sausage, asparagus, other meat, other vegetables. Maybe not fruit. Unless it’s tomatoes.


Fatty Factor:

Not that much depending on what you use. Vegetables? Healthy. Bacon? Fat-fat-fatty.


Cook Time:

Oh, 40 minutes.


Let’s Get Baked:

– Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. We used Fahrenheit.

– Whisk eggs and milk in any proportion you want. We did 4 eggs to 1 cup of milk, which serves probably 2 people if you’re normal. We are normal.

– Add ingredients, in our case, the onions, mushrooms and cheese (which we pan-fried before adding to the egg mixture).

– Coat a dish with cooking spray. No cooking spray? Butter can! We had cooking spray because we’re civilized.

– Pour the egg mixture into the pan or divide into muffin tins.

– Bake for about 40 minutes or until it looks cooked (whatever that looks like).

– Eat delicious egg pie (because that’s what quiche basically is).


Honestly, quiche sounds like something only fancy people eat at Sunday brunch, but it’s so easy that we don’t understand why it’s not up there with grilled cheese and ramen. OK, not that easy, but we here at The Black Sheep are no sort of master chef, so it can’t be that hard.

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