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Rejected, Explicit OSU Campus Story Snaps To Be Displayed at Graduation

With the school year back in full swing, the Ohio State campus is finally alive again after a dormant summer. Amidst all the construction, the sidewalks are scattered with students ranging from seniors proudly bearing the Marshawn Lynch “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” attitude, to anxious freshmen Buckeyes, commonly known as “premature nuts.” And where would all the excitement of a new school year be without a brand new OSU Campus Snap Story to document all the trials and tribulations of the year?


However, as most of you probably know, the Snap Story filters out some of the more explicit, inappropriate snaps sent in, because, believe it or not, 50,000 people aren’t interested in seeing the bong you made out of a Windex bottle you stole from your dorm janitor’s closet (the excess chemicals get you way higher). Yet the lack of ratchetness present in the Campus Story left us wondering, what exactly happens to the NSFW, or rather NSFS, snaps that are sent in?


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So, The Black Sheep did some insider-source investigating and learned some rather shocking news: The Ohio State University plans to flash these Snapchats on the Ohio Stadium Jumbotron during the graduation ceremony.


As each student receives his or her diploma, any risqué snaps they have sent in to the Campus Story will be displayed proudly to all of the graduation attendees. You heard it here first. And the best part is once those snaps have been sent in there is no deleting them. But that’s okay, that nude you accidentally sent of you lying spread-eagled on the floor of Bullwinkle’s isn’t anything your Grandpa Joe hasn’t seen before. And who knows, maybe the video of you getting your fiddle played on the roof in broad daylight will land you a job selling energy drinks at Vemma because you have to be one hell of a salesman to convince her to do that.


For confirmation on this shocking addition to the much beloved graduation ceremony, we blindsided President Drake while he walked across campus, tied him up in his office and forcibly made him answer our questions. “Around 60% of the images that get rejected do so on the grounds of nudity…err so I’ve heard, I’m not in charge of filtering them,” he said, nervously eyeing the bottle of Lubriderm sitting next to a box of Kleenex on his desk. “I have eczema… and allergies,” he continued. “Listen, everyone knows that the graduation ceremony drags on longer than the last few seasons of The Office, we just figured a few nip slips and bong rips would liven that shit up a bit.”


Graduation tickets are in such high demand that they’ve made their way onto the black market, so if you’re looking for one, hit us up. 


Oh, and add us on Snapchat too – BlackSheep_OSU! 

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