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Scaring UNCC Niners for Halloween Fun (with GIFS!)


After anticipating the absolute dead weekend ahead as everyone goes to party at ECU, The Black Sheep staff took it upon ourselves last night to scare the crap out of people on UNCC’s campus. However, some grand ideas don’t always work out as planned, especially when the people trying to do the scaring are…. uh, well, us. So for your entertainment, here’s a run-down of scaring people at UNCC (and probably losing our dignity in the process)!


1.) The Descent:


5SecondsApp (6)


We started off by playing it safe, heading to the 8th floor of Atkins where the victim sat dutifully studying. One thumbs up, and we knew was perfect for us, since he chose the only seat without window visibility! Note that she goes so far as to remove her socks, walking silently to scare this dude in the corner:


 5SecondsApp (5)


Headphones and all, he barely jumped. This wouldn’t do… this wouldn’t do at all.


Disappointed, we returned home to ask the same questions: how do we really scare people, and properly video it, and not get punched in the face? 


2.) Nightmare on Witherspoon Hall:

Face paint, an artist friend (thanks Abbey!), a children’s bike horn, and a dollar mask from Walmart seemed to be the temporary answer. Here we are, 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday night, ready to (figuratively) kill it. Meet the new and improved, Tayler and Ben!







We first tried our luck in Witherspoon Hall on the international hallway, where masked Ben’s delayed reaction to the door opening did little to scare these guys. The one eating Wendy’s didn’t even flinch; Australians have nerves of steel. 


5SecondsApp (4)



Here we are walking down the halls, still feeling pretty confident, we were still nervous about scaring people we didn’t know. 


5SecondsApp (1)


Swerve. Missed opportunity.


5SecondsApp (8)


3.) Let the Right One In:
We were off to Belk dorm to fulfill a personal request: scare our friend by hiding in his bedroom. In what took over an hour to enter, move the friend to get into his bedroom, sweating through masks and cheap, dry face paint, the moment came through!


5SecondsApp (9)


Sorry for making you spill your tea!


4.) The Wrong Turn (or, erm, table):

Next we’d been text-requested to scare two people sitting at a table on the ground floor of Atkins. Turns out that having an accomplice friend didn’t make scaring strangers any easier — especially when there was no way to sneak up on them as they were facing forward.


After worrying about the logistics of how to scare them for over 30 minutes, we somehow snuck around and got into position. By this point, everyone in the ground floor but the table intended to be scared had spotted us and giggled.


Did we pull through?


First is the table we’re meant to scare (and that the camera was kept dutifully on for the remainder). Then if you look in the middle, tucked into the corner, there’s an extra table of people we forgot existed around the corner. And there we are, ready to strike.


5SecondsApp (10)


Guess who we scared with a yell and a bike horn in the relative quiet of the library?


5SecondsApp (11)


Judging by the disappointed head-shaking of our camera crew, and the fury of the surrounding people, we’d definitely scared the wrong table. Our laughter might not have helped diffuse the situation.


But after some awesome terrified screams, laughter from the remainder of the floor, then followed by very strong language, some “That is SO NOT cool”-s, and a bit of talking down to, we were out of the library before we upset the ground floor any more (although, to the people we scared, we hope you’ll forgive us, eventually — we’re disappointed in ourselves too, for scaring the wrong table).


5.) The Shining:
After tons of scared looks and comments about our faces, we decided not to push our terrible scaring abilities any further. Scary people have feelings too.We learned that trying to scare strangers may sound fun, but is actually kind of terrifying and intimidating on UNCC’s campus. 


In all honesty, you don’t need a scary costume or shock factor to scare people. Here’s a demonstration of what’s REALLY going to go down on Halloween and scare the shit out of any student, whether you’re on our campus for the weekend or being a traitor at ECU:


When you go that Halloween party, get wasted*, and go home with a girl for the night:


5SecondsApp (12)


You’re slaying!


5SecondsApp (13)


When you wake up the late morning of November 1st, disoriented, still somewhat drunk but feeling that impending hangover, only to realize the girl you brought home last night doesn’t look at all the same in the morning:


5SecondsApp (14)


Happy Halloween Niner Nation!


*No alcohol was consumed in the making of these clips. Our acting and night of scaring would have gone far better if that were the case.


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