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The 7 Worst Campus Jobs at UK


Looking to go out and celebrate living through your finals, but you’re strapped for cash? We understand, and we are here to help! Any self-respecting student wouldn’t just go out and work the streets to make a couple bucks; we have standards! So The Black Sheep put together this nice little list to countdown the seven worst jobs on campus, so you can’t say we didn’t warn you.


7.) Writing Center Editor:


writing center words imageSMALL


Trying to explain sentence structure to a student that still doesn’t know the difference between “their” and “they’re” is about damn near impossible. Writing Center Editors must have the kindest and most patient souls for trying to steer some poor student’s train-wreck of a paper in the direction of semi-success.


6.) Taco Bell Express Worker:




Getting in between college students and their cheap, barely human-grade tacos can be a dangerous job to have. Not to mention the looks of death in students’ eyes when you tell them that you’ve run out of Dorito’s Locos Tacos is enough to make a child cry. Still, the worst part of working at Taco Bell Express would have to be sharing the bathroom with the customers.


5.) Subway Cafe Workers:




We’re not sure just how bad this job sucks, but the workers here always look like they’re about to throw hands at the next student to ask for a foot long meatball marinara sandwich.


4.) Writer for the Kentucky Colonel:




It takes a special kind of student to write for the Colonel. Enough said.


3.) Cats Cab Drivers:




Taxi drivers don’t have the best jobs in the first place, but being the free taxi service provided to UK students on the weekends during prime partying hours? That’s just cruel and unusual punishment. Our hearts go out to every Cats Cab driver that will be cleaning vomit out of their cab this weekend.


2.) Monday’s K Tower Janitor:




Let’s face it; the bathrooms in the UK dorms are just gross in general. The only thing worse than a dirty dorm bathroom is a dorm bathroom after a weekend of rampant regurgitating freshman. It’s no secret that the bathrooms are only cleaned during the week, so Monday’s K Tower janitor really has it rough when it comes to jobs at UK.


1.) Any job that doesn’t get an employee meal:




Any employee of the University that doesn’t get an employee meal is getting the short end of the stick. Why people even pay money for the foods that Aramark “UK Dining” serves is beyond us.


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