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Student Blessed by Pope Moving at 20 MPH in the Back of a Kia


In Philadelphia this weekend, sophomore Vicky Kennedy underwent an intense emotional and spiritual experience when she was personally blessed by Pope Francis as he sped through the streets while waving aimlessly at thousands of people. The pope allegedly gave her guidance and hope from a higher power while being driven at a moderately fast speed and slowly yelling words in Italian.


“It was truly an enlightening experience,” said Kennedy. “It felt like it was just me and him and also those hundreds of people separating me from the edge of the motorcade.”


The whole weekend of the pope’s visit was full of a variety of religious experiences. “There was this part where I got to watch endless coverage on CBS of him washing people’s feet, and then I got to see so many blurry pictures of half of his head on Facebook,” she continued. “And then right before I saw him, I got to stand next to a cardboard cut-out of him! I broke down in tears at that moment. It was like he was really there. He was smiling, like I always imagined.”


She says the dream became a reality the next day, as “I looked through the crowd and then I could faintly see, like really really faintly see this head and a little hand that was moving in a kind of wave-y motion. And it was waving for me. And then he turned as smiled towards me, as well as everyone else in the nearby vicinity. It was like the hand of God was touching me. The hand of God and everyone in the crowd bumping into me.”


As for future plans, Kennedy was planning on seeing the Dalai Lama in order to achieve full enlightenment, and will fully acquaint herself with the principles of Rastafarianism by listening to Bob Marley’s Exodus.

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