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Students Begin Weekly Campout for Pub Wednesday

When most people think of Wednesday, they imagine a talking camel yelling, “GUESS WHAT DAY IT ISSS!” but here at Illinois State, people think of Pub Wednesday. This beloved tradition has been around since before most of you Redbirds can remember, not that your memory has been that great since your last keg stand during spring break. The growing popularity of this weekly event has been so overwhelming that students have started what we hope will not become a new tradition: the Tuesday Night Pub Wednesday Campout.


Considering the fact that ISU has approximately 9,000 students over the age of 21; one can imagine the disgustingly large crowds that flock to the pub for $4 pitchers of beer. In order to retain what is an apparently exclusive space in the bar, students and bar-goers have decided to use the small Pub II parking lot as a campground on Tuesday nights. This week, The Black Sheep decided to join them.  


The campout began around 9 a.m. on Tuesday. We set up next to a group of girls in high-waisted jean shorts so tiny they looked like diapers and a couple of bros who were already belligerently drunk. Most groups kept to themselves; at least they did until the alcohol and molly finally kicked in. Once the line, now nicknamed Club Pub II, started gettin’ wild, one money-hungry sophomore decided to set up shop near the street with what he called his DJ gear. Even though his “gear” just turned out to be a stolen iPad and a sad set of used speakers that ISU’s Vibe-Tribe just couldn’t jam with, he still made bank by charging the boozers $1 per song. This proved fairly profitable until a group of guys paid him $20 to play “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey twenty times in a row and a bottle was broken over the young disc jockey’s head. 


Police came to break up the “party” around 2 a.m. Two underage drinking tickets were given out, along with thirteen public urination tickets. We asked students how they felt about their wasted (no pun intended) efforts as they attempted to walk home, but very few could comment as they were passed out along Linden Street. We found camper Jay Daniels sitting in front of Lunker’s. “That was like, the best party ever. It reminded me of Electric Forest, but with less, uh… trees… and slutty girls in rave tutus.”


Daniels, along with many other campers, returned the next night. The line in front of the Pub II was even longer than usual—it stretched back so far that the end of the line bought drinks at the gas station next door to pre-game. “I’ve been here for like, half an hour. I think I’ve moved up like four feet,” Daniels told us. “But I’m so trashed I don’t care where I am anymore!” 


Most campers agreed with Daniels, but decided maybe camping in the parking lot isn’t the greatest option to overcome the long bar lines. Campus Police Chief, Merle Stone, released a statement the day after the campout advising students against sleeping in the parking lot. “Tickets will be issued and further disciplinary action will be taken if need be. We don’t really understand this whole thing, so maybe we can all just forget about it. And don’t you guys know there are other bars in Uptown?”


Despite Stone’s wise words, we have a feeling Pub Wednesday will always remain a beloved, crowded tradition. “If only I like, lived in the Pub,” Jay Daniels said. “Wouldn’t that be the best?” Oh Jay, we’re sure it would be.

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