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Study Music For Every Occasion


With our first round of midterms for the semester creeping around the corner, we find ourselves once again scrambling for enough coffee and the perfect spot in Hillman to camp out and learn and entire month and half of material in just a few nights. You may also find yourself becoming distracted with Spotify or Pandora, trying to set up the perfect playlist for your night of tireless cramming. Have no fear, The Black Sheep is here, and we have come up with the perfect, fool-proof guide to what you should listen to. From cranking out philosophy essays to memorizing chemical pathways, we got you fam.


For that 10-minute cram session before the exam: Loud and Frightening Death Metal


Suggested artists: Disturbed, Megadeath… wow those are scary. I think that should be fine.


Considering you will need the most driving, powerful force in the universe to help you cram those last-minute facts into your brain, listening to death metal seems like the best option right before going into a classroom for an exam. The screaming will also wake you up and keep you alert, which is also a bonus. Plus, a lot of those songs have weird meanings if you play them backwards, so who knows, maybe the answers to the exam are in there!


For an all-night study adventure: Rap Hits


Suggested artists: Drake (aka 6 God), Kanye West (aka Yeezus), or any other rap artist who claims to be a deity


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Considering your all-nighter is truly something of the badass variety, listening to some sick rap is essential. I mean, you’re basically as cool as Kendrick and Nicki. Think about it. You’re out late, often walking the streets in the dark, past your bedtime, maybe consuming illicit substances to get you through your night of fun. Plus, nothing stimulates the mind like songs about strippers, drugs, and having a really big team (who need some really big rings).


For a sunny afternoon study soiree: Chill Indie Tunes


Suggested artists: Neutral Milk Hotel, Glass Animals, or any other band that is an adjective and a noun put together


Whether it be on an unseasonably warm day in Schenley Park, or just a day that it isn’t raining or snowing outside your window seat in Hillman, some chill indie tunes will work great for productivity. They are usually weird and oddly poetic, so if you’re working on a short story or essay for creative writing, these tunes are especially helpful. Plus, you’ll leave a total hipster, and that’s rad. That’s hip.


For a serious period of intense reading: Dramatic Classical


Suggested artists: Bach, Beethoven (not the dog, you uncultured idiot), or Mozart


Oh no, it’s happened again: you neglected an entire novel you had to read for your English literature class for weeks and now you have to read it all in one night. Don’t fret, you can do this! With some help from some old guys who composed some great string music, that reading will get done in no time. Just sit yourself down in Cathy, the classiest of all study spots on campus, blare some “Concerto for Violin in E Minor,” and crack open that awful book. You got this.


So there you have it. Next time to you decide to spend an entire hour of your study time curating the perfect Spotify playlist, just remember this article, and you’ll have more time to focus on learning all those fun things! Also, Yeezus is watching from above, and he is disappointed in you for poor time management. Just saying, though.


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