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Tech Cancels All The Friday Classes You Didn’t Have, Call it ‘Fall Break’

It’s almost everyone’s favorite time of year: VT Fall Break. An entire Friday all to ourselves! Craziness! The Black Sheep talked to a few students to see how everyone is planning on spending their precious day this weekend. 


Jessica, 19: “Fall Break is just so special to me. As someone who already doesn’t have Friday classes, I really appreciate the university cancelling them because my mentality is just so much clearer. I will sleep until 1 p.m. just like I do everyday, but it just makes such a difference in my life that I won’t have to feel guilty.”


Aaron, 21: “On Fridays, I normally have one 50-minute class. Such a pain, damn it. Thanks to fall break, I think I’ll finally have time to finish my thesis on how to cure cancer. I really just needed 50 more minutes in my life to get that done, so I’m glad that Virginia Tech is kind enough to give me what I really need.”


Molly, 18: “Holy shit, we get a fall break!? I love college! We never got this in high school. Wait — what do you mean it’s only one day?”


Carl, 23, grad student: “During fall break, I like to go into the large lecture rooms in the GLC and just sit in silence. It’s fun because there are never actually classes there on Fridays anyway, but uh, yeah. 85% of the student body goes home this weekend even though it isn’t actually longer than any other weekend they have? I’m taking advantage.” 


It’s clear to The Black Sheep that VT Fall Break is really making a positive impact on students’ lives, and we should be thankful to go to a university that chooses to cancel Friday classes when there are only 17 Friday classes offered in the first place. 

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