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The 5 Best Places to “Study” at UF



Sometimes you just need a good place to study that isn’t your dorm or in the middle of a noisy crowd of people. A place that your nosey roommate, who never leaves the room, won’t be able to disturb you as you get down to it. If you and a friend, let’s call him Richard, are looking for a place to “study” on campus, you’ll probably want it to be remotely quiet, with not many people around, and for it to be comfortable to ensure the best studying of your life. Look no further for our favorite places to get your study on.


5.) Classrooms at Night:

Get this; classrooms at night are not locked. You have the entire facility to just you and Dick. You can pick any desk to study at, heck even the teacher’s desk is free for your studying pleasure. Classrooms, such as the usually always-vacant Little Hall, provide for private study time, unlike going to a library on campus where students are everywhere. Grab Dick, pick a classroom, and hit it. “It” meaning the books, of course.


4.) Marston’s Top Floor:

If you do find that the place you’re going to study is a library, try out Marston’s top floor. Question time, does anyone even travel outside of the basement of the science library? The answer is no. Besides one or two of the rare grad students who may be lurking around, the top floor provides great study space for those looking to be alone in a quiet atmosphere. But be sure to make that study sesh a silent one, since the higher floors of this library have noise restrictions. Maybe this will bring a little excitement to your study sesh?


3.) Architecture and Fine Arts Library:

This hidden gem is perfect for studying. This library is quiet, no one really knows about it, and the study desks have freakin’ couches and are closed off with dividers. If you and Dick are looking for an exclusive place to review your notes for your Human Sexuality class this library is your best bet.


2.) Lake Alice:

Maybe you prefer outdoor studying. A little fresh air might do your brain a little good and help optimize your study experience. If so, Lake Alice is your friend. Everyone who’s ever been there is stoned, so don’t worry about anyone coming up to bother you. Plus, Lake Alice has private trails and secluded benches that would be perfect during prime study time, if you don’t mind getting dirt and leaves all up in your, uh, books.


1.) Stadiums:

While not the most private of places with all the sweaty people around, the stadiums offer some unique studying experiences. If it’s nighttime your studying can be accompanied by one of the marvels of the universes, the stars — who doesn’t like gazing up at the stars after reading a hot and heavy chapter of biology? You can take to studying on the bleachers or grab a blanket to cover the moist ground of the Gator’s own football field. Study hard and you may just score a touchdown of your own!






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